Cheaper Apple Vision Pro might be coming in 2025, second-gen Pro put on hold

When Apple finally launched its mixed reality device, the name it chose naturally raised a few eyebrows. The Vision Pro definitely had all the bells and whistles needed to support the company’s spatial computing vision, pardon the pun, but the “Pro” suggested there might also be some other version in the works or at least planned. It didn’t help that Apple’s headset, like many Apple products, has a rather steep price tag, so it’s only expected that there would be requests for a more affordable non-Pro model. If insider rumors are to be believed, that wish might finally come true next year, though at the expense of a proper successor to the Apple Vision Pro.

Designer: Apple (via The Information)

The Apple Vision Pro is definitely on the more premium end of the spectrum, both in terms of its stylish design as well as its more luxurious materials. While that made for a good first impression, it also made the headset rather hefty, both in actual weight as well as its price. There’s definitely room for improvement, including iterating over the design of the Vision Pro to address flaws and complaints. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen next year.

According to industry sources, Apple has suspended what would become the Vision Pro 2 by reducing the number of people working on that device and issuing a notice to its suppliers. But rather than being a cause for alarm that the company is scrapping its spatial computing device completely, the reason offers a bit of comfort, figuratively and literally. Apparently, Apple has decided to divert its resources and efforts to develop a more accessible Apple Vision headset that might launch in late 2025.

What would a cheaper Apple Vision device entail, however? It still needs to keep the high-quality optics found in the Vision Pro if Apple wants to deliver an even basic visionOS experience, not to mention all the sensors needed to make the system work. It will have to find other ways to cut down on build costs, like using less premium materials, a simpler design, and less featured hardware. That said, Apple is a stickler for detail and doesn’t do things half-heartedly, so it’s no surprise to hear that it’s actually finding that a bit difficult to pull off.

Apple’s target price is allegedly around the $1,500 mark, more than half that of the Vision Pro. It will definitely need some serious cutting around corners, though carefully at that. As for the Vision Pro 2, that’s still on the table, and might still happen next year as well, provided Apple has resources to spare after prioritizing the Apple Vision.