Holobox hologram-in-a-box could supercharge meetings and presentations

Video meetings are becoming more and more common as time passes, even without travel restrictions. Work arrangements are changing and the world is suddenly a much bigger place, with people spread out all over. Those remote interactions, however, don’t just have the same effect as in-person meetings, especially when you lose certain contexts from body language. It just feels less personal and has less impact, especially if you’ll be using an avatar that looks more like a cartoon than a real representation of yourself. In science fiction, holograms try to bridge the gap between people across planets or even galaxies, but that kind of technology is actually available today in a less flashy but still mind-blowing way.

Designer: Holoconnects

Holograms are nothing new, but it has traditionally been difficult to implement them on a large, human-sized scale. Trying to project floating three-dimensional images of people is still a bit of a pipe dream, but if you’re fine with putting them in a box, then that dream has already become reality with Holoconnects’ Holobox. It is what its name sounds like, a way to have a holographic version of yourself or someone else projected inside a large box.

What makes the Holobox special beyond its amazing image fidelity is its ease of use. It needs only a power source and an Internet connection to operate because everything is built into the box. Of course, that’s only for actually projecting and playing the hologram. You’ll need a different set of equipment for actually capturing the video of a human, whether pre-recorded or in real-time. And it doesn’t even have to be human either since you can project anything that can fit inside the box’s 86-inch display. Actually, you can even connect several boxes together so that it can show a much bigger object, like a car, for example.

But what really is the point of having a life-sized hologram anyway? For one, it offers a new level of remote communication where you can fully see the person in 3D as if they were standing in front of you. It can also give a more personal touch to presentations, training, advertising, and more. Basically, anywhere that your real presence would have an impact, the Holobox can offer a stand-in that is both effective and human. Plus, it looks awesome to boot!