Casetify’s new AirPods Case isn’t pocket-friendly… but it’s definitely a collector’s item

“Let me wear my AirPods…”
*proceeds to pull an Iron Man helmet out of their backpack*

I’ll be honest – is Casetify’s latest AirPods case practical? Hell no. Is it cool? Oh absolutely. Partnering with Marvel, the company debuted a few Iron Man-themed accessories, although none as on-the-nose as their AirPods case. Designed to look exactly like an Iron Man helmet that opens up to reveal your TWS earbuds, this little number comes with a stand you can place it on a carabiner clip in case you want to strap it to your backpack… and the best part, light-up eyes that should surely grab the attention of fellow enthusiasts.

Designer: Casetify

Designed for the AirPods Pro and Pro 2, the case is roughly fist-sized, and comes with a painted plastic finish (although a chrome-plating would really seal the deal). The Iron Man head opens just the way the helmet does in the movies, although that doesn’t open the lid of the AirPods Pro case… you still need to flip the helmet open, and then flip open the AirPods case lid to get to your TWS earbuds. A bit of a hassle, sure, but heck… does it look cool.

The Tony Stark-esque holder doesn’t charge your AirPods Pro, however. It’s merely just an outer cover for storing your AirPods in, eschewing that boring white plastic exterior for something more edgy and cool. The best part, however, is the fact that the eyes actually light up. Relying on a single CR2032 coin battery, the eyes on the helmet glow in the signature blue when you shut the helmet, shining for 2 minutes before they dim out automatically.

Priced at $122, the Iron Man AirPods Pro case isn’t specifically pocket-friendly (both physically and fiscally), but it’s definitely worth adding to your collection if you consider yourself a comic-book aficionado or just a fan of the franchise. At least it’s big enough that you won’t be able to accidentally lose it, right??