Unusual lounge chair uses sponge-filled ropes to mimic a certain insect

The human mind is such an incredible thing, capable of creating wonderful designs and life-changing products. Of course, it is really no match against the unfathomable “mind” of nature, as seen in the sometimes awe-inspiring, sometimes bewildering things we can find in the world, both living and non-living. The complexity of nature’s design has been an inspiration for many of mankind’s creations and inventions, great and small, either just in terms of the basic form or including their function. There are times, however, when such an inspiration takes an odd turn, like this lounge chair that half looks comfy and half unsettling, especially after you learn what the peculiar piece of furniture is inspired by.

Designers: Miray Ozlem ER

At first glance, the lounge already looks unconventional, like someone laid a series of fabric tubes across a metal frame. These “ropes,” as they are called, are indeed soft and cushy, filled with sponge material to give them both volume and softness at the same time. After all, who would want to lounge on a very hard surface, especially for a long period of time?

The entire piece, however, is supposed to resemble a caterpillar entering its cocoon phase, with each rope representing a segment of the insect’s body. It’s definitely an odd association, especially considering how some people might feel uncomfortable with such crawling critters. Then again, they don’t really have to know the details of the design’s inspiration. As it turns out, the way the sponge-filled tubes go over the frame and extends to the back also makes them look like a row of snakes draped over the chair, also not a comforting image for some people.

The lounge’s design is also unusual in that it doesn’t hide the skeletal frame of the chair. In fact, it’s meant to showcase the shiny metal chrome which contrasts and complements the soft fabric of the rest of the chair. At the same time, however, the image induces a sense of discomfort and uncertainty, especially with the gaps on both sides of the chair. Despite the lounge’s width, it’s a seat made for one, and this peculiar design tries to send that message across in a very striking manner.