Flowcamper rolls out the first campervan built around the needs of our canine friends

There is something exciting about having your dog hike with you during the day and sit alongside you at the campfire by night. This is why many adventurers prefer to have their dogs along on their campervan when they head out. And this is not just true for solo travelers, in fact, small families on long road trips prefer to travel with their dogs.

To make this adventure more suitable and comfortable for both the pets and their humans, Germany-based Flowcamper has come up with the Fellschnute: the first campervan built around the needs of our canine friends. Well, the campervan is customizable to make the road trip experience desirable for dogs, it does not at any point, compromise on the convenience and functionality of the people onboard.

Designer: Flowcamper

The Fellschnute dog camper designed for adventurous outings with dogs, has a customizable interior based on the modular floor rail system. This makes dedicated areas for the pet and humans possible, so each can have their spacious living area, yet stay at a safe distance from the other. To that accord, the configuration of the dog area in the rear of the vehicle is such that it can be accessed from either an interior door or the one facing the tailgate.

This space for dogs, which is way more than the little nooks dogs get to themselves on other campervans, can easily “accommodate one to four dogs,” depending on the choice of kennel layout the customer opts for, Flowcamper informs. Above the spacious dog area, the Fellschnute makes provision to mount a fold-out bed and if you have more than a couple of people lying over, the bed in the pop-up roof is usable.

The living area for humans comprises special seats that can track back and forth or be positioned in any orientation to create a more spacious living space. Here you also have a small corner kitchen behind the driver’s seat. The kitchen is laid out with a 30-liter compressor cool box, a two-burner stove, and a sink. The utensils and other kitchen accessories hide away in drawers while a table swivels out for dining and working needs.

Interesting part of the Fellschnute campervan is its 18-L fresh water system which is linked up to the kitchen sink and hand sprayer at the back to wash up a dirty dogo or clean up your gear. Flowcamper also offers a portable air conditioner that doesn’t help with the cooling of the campervan, instead is specially designed to keep the dog kennel(s) temperature down by almost 15 degrees. For human convenience, however, there is a dry separating toilet that can be hidden from sight or can be pulled out in the open to double up as a bench at camp. The campervan draws power from a 400-watt solar system onboard and retails for a starting price of $75,000.