Enjoy sheets of water through your fingers in sculpture-like faucet from Kohler

There are some things that you use every day that serve a certain function and you don’t really care about what it looks like or how it’s made, as long as it does what it’s supposed to do. One of these things is the water faucet which you most likely use more than once a day (unless you’re stuck in bed and can’t get up). What if this simple piece of your life “exists beyond conventional expectations” and still does its job?

Designer: Samuel Ross for Kohler

The Formation 01 Faucet is a creation from Samuel Ross’ design studio SR_A for luxury bathroom and kitchen manufacturer Kohler. It doesn’t really look like your ordinary or even high end faucets look like. Rather, it was designed as a functional piece of sculpture that is still able to give you the water that you need when you want to use a faucet. The way it was designed is to give you a continuous sheet of water, whether you’re using it for cleaning or cooling down.

The faucet is made from an advanced composite material called Neolast, which is the proprietary material from Kohler. They were able to form it into that kind of shape since the material is able to offer “boundless form, unexpected texture, and rich, saturated colors”. It sports the color orange since it is the designer’s signature shade. Underneath the fauce is an embossed cast iron escutcheon plate to celebrate the collaboration between the brand and the designer.

The Formation 01 Faucet does look extraordinary and innovative, from the color to the seemingly-abstract shape. But what I really enjoy, at least from the product renders, is how the water comes out in a sheet, which looks and hopefully feels pretty cool (maybe literally even).