0.25 oz Spork Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts Seeking Lightweight Gear

It has become trendier these days to pack your meals when you’re going out, whether to eat lunch in the office or to enjoy a brief excursion. It’s not always a positive experience, though, and not just because of the food preparation but also because of the tableware you have to bring. There’s a specific class of utensils designed to be carried around, but many of them are either too heavy or even too flimsy. And then there’s the fact that most of these come as a set that you bring with you all the time, and if you lose one, the rest become almost unusable. The 0.25 oz Aero Spork was designed precisely to address those concerns, combining an innovative design and expert craftsmanship to deliver the one cutlery to rule them all.

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Although most indoor cutlery is made from metal, there is a wider variety of those that are designed to travel with you, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Plastic utensils are lightweight but easy to break, while metal is durable but heavy. Some try to have very thin bodies to offset that weight, but they end up making your hands feel cramped after a while. They also mostly come as a set, at most a pair of a spoon and a fork, but you’ll be left at a disadvantage when you lose one or the other. Of course, sporks exist to combine those two into one, but the vast majority of them are more cumbersome to use than they’re worth.

This lightweight metal spork, in contrast, was meticulously designed to give your hands a break while you’re taking your lunch break. At only 0.25oz (7g), you can hardly feel its weight so your hand won’t feel strained the more you enjoy your meal. Being lightweight, however, doesn’t mean it’s fragile. With a special anodized aluminum exoskeleton, it remains tough as nails and ready to scoop up or pierce through food.

The spork’s design might strike one as odd, but it wasn’t made on a whim nor is it purely aesthetic. Inspired by the curved plate structure used in architecture like the Sydney Opera House, the spork gains a body that is both lightweight and surprisingly strong. The wide and curved handle is also designed for ergonomics, allowing your finger to rest more comfortably inside the curve. Even the shape of the head itself is different from the norm. Instead of trying to copy the rounded shape of spoons, it tapers a bit towards the tip to make it easier to twirl noodles like pasta around it.

Sporks were invented to have both a spoon and a fork in one for practical convenience, but their designs haven’t exactly been comfortable to use, long-lasting, and visually appealing. In other words, they’re not considered the best cutlery to use. Made by expert metalworkers from Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, this innovative metal spork shatters those misconceptions with a lightweight yet durable body, a unique yet practical design, and a beautiful minimalist aesthetic that makes each bite a joy.

Click Here to Buy Now: $17 $20 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, deal ends in 24 hours!