These are the Thanksgiving Table Decor Trends for 2023

It’s that time of year to gather with loved ones around the Thanksgiving table, sharing a delightful meal and reflecting on gratitude. Beyond the cuisine and menu, the table decor plays a key role in infusing a festive vibe and enhancing the space’s aesthetic appeal. After all, the real essence of Thanksgiving dinner lies in creating a warm and inviting environment that fosters connections and meaningful conversations across the table.

Designer: Linda Schuster Vartanian

What is the importance of a Beautiful Tablescape?

Designer: Aukolass

Although a beautiful tablescape may not enhance the flavor of your feast it surely helps in crafting the desired ambiance for your entire Thanksgiving dinner. A well-designed tablescape helps in making guests feel valued and special while showcasing attention to detail.

How to create an interesting Thanksgiving Tablescape?

• The first step is to choose a traditional, modern, rustic, or any unique theme for the tablescape and achieve a cohesive look. The color palette, decor choices, and overall design of the tablescape shall revolve around the desired theme.

Designer: Holly Jolley

• Rich autumnal hues of deep red, orange, and brown are perfect for a traditional tablescape.
• If you desire a contemporary and sophisticated look, consider a monochromatic color scheme in shades of white, cream, and gold.
• Don’t be afraid to explore unconventional color pairings to craft a distinctive and visually striking tablescape. Consider shades of pink, purple, and green for a modern twist.

Designer: Diana (The Tiny Fairy)

Design Trends for Thanksgiving Tablescape

Here is a curated selection of the latest trends that can elevate your Thanksgiving tablescape and take the décor to a whole new level.

1. Decorate with Dried Flowers

Designer: Chloe (Porch and Peony)

Dried flowers and branches are perfect for holiday table settings as they are budget-friendly. The best part is that one can continue using dried flowers for years instead of buying fresh blooms every year.

2. Invest in Handmade Ceramics

Designer: Open The Door

Handmade dinnerware and accessories never go out of style and are perfect for a traditional and rustic table setting.

3. Use Nature as Décor

Designer: Shalini Misra

One of the most popular trends is to take inspiration from the natural world and create a beautiful table setting using fruits, pumpkins, vegetables, acorns, pine cones, and so on.

4. Bring out your Tableware

Thanksgiving dinner provides an excellent opportunity to elevate your table setting with elegant china, exquisite stemware, and beautiful linens that you’ve collected over the years or have inherited as heirlooms.

Designer: The Invisible Collection

A warm and festive ambiance is created with a snug woolen checkered tablecloth, complemented by orange linen napkins and midcentury hand-painted large earthenware plates. The addition of a sizable pumpkin soup tureen enhances the homey atmosphere, completing the inviting feel of a feast.

Designer: Lotus Arts de Vivre

An elegant mother-of-pearl plate from Lotus Arts de Vivre is adorned with a sterling silver turtle. Crafted from the finest Southeast Asian mother of pearl, it possesses a shimmering iridescent quality. The silver turtle with a mother-of-pearl shell symbolizes harmony with the earth, water, and other elements, making it a versatile item suitable for use as a statement serving platter for hors d’oeuvres or as a formal dining plate.

5. Add Woven Placemats

Designer: Table Terrain

Woven placemat mats in materials like rattan provide a textured, earthy backdrop for a neutral table arrangement.

6. Introduce Textural Layers

Designer: Beth G. Wilson

Explore a palette of organic earth tones for Thanksgiving as they effortlessly embrace the hues of fall leaves and autumn colors. Abundant textures can be introduced to create a warm and layered ambiance.

7. Create a Woodsy Vibe

Designer: Butch & Pam

Embrace the rustic and natural ambiance with wood as a central element in your table setting. Integrate wooden serving plates for a wholesome, earthy feel. This setting celebrates the imperfections and unique textures of wood, adding character to your table.

Designer: Arteriors

An ideal centerpiece for gatherings, the Wakefield features opulent antique brass hardware crafted into organic forms that beautifully contrast with the luxurious walnut wood. Radiating undeniable warmth, this bucket adds both panache and personality to the tablescape.

8. Add Color with Fresh Flowers

Designer: Shalini Misra

Elevate your Thanksgiving dinner by incorporating an abundance of flowers, extending from your salad plates to captivating centerpiece arrangements. Choose locally grown, in-season blooms.

9. Go for a Pumpkin Centerpiece

Designer: Home is Where the Boat Is

Opting for pumpkins as Thanksgiving centerpieces is a timeless choice. Elevate their appeal by carving out the tops and transforming them into miniature planters, adorned with either real or artificial succulents for an extra touch of uniqueness.

10. Chic Minimalism

Designer: Elisha Trujillo

Embrace simplicity by adhering to a neutral color palette and arranging the table with glass dinnerware. One of the simplest centerpieces for this theme is a clear glass vase filled with elegant flower stems.

11. Play with Patterns

Designer: Table Terrain

This Thanksgiving, layer on various eye-catching patterns to adorn the dining table. Maintaining a unified color palette ensures that the arrangement remains whimsical without becoming overwhelming.

12. Light the Table

Instead of flowers, opt for stylish decor alternatives that provide beauty and warmth, such as tapered candles. For a cozy yet non-utilitarian table appearance, use candleholders of different heights, ensuring the candles are staggered across the table for a varied and inviting display.

Designer: Abid Javed

Ceramic artist Abid Javed applies his craft to sculptural forms influenced by microbiology. Augmin, a five-part candela, harmonizes artistry and functionality, drawing inspiration from the dynamic molecule Augmin. It serves as a statement sculpture and a practical candleholder for the Thanksgiving tablescape.

Designer: Todd Nelson

Spiral Light Candles feature a unique wraparound wick that burns for 3 hours, depleting ‘around’ the candle due to its spiral design. Its hollow design collects melted wax and creates a new candle with a wood wick that burns for 40 hours.

Designer: James Kaoru Bury

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Crafted with a dual wax composition, the Chouchin features a standard wax interior for familiar candle burning. Its distinctive outer layer is made of patented, non-melting wax, creating a translucent shell that diffuses light like a lantern. As the candle burns, light permeates through this outer wax, providing gentle, warm illumination, with a 60-hour burn time and replaceable refills, minimizing waste.

13. Embrace Maximalism

Designer: Interior Design Info

Embrace a bold, maximalist aesthetic with striking glassware, an oversized floral arrangement, succulents, and crystal candleholders for a truly impactful statement.

Designer: ABASK

Enhance your festive table with Ben Bodman’s exclusive ABASK carving set, expanding his hand-forged blade collection from his Wiltshire family farm. The two-tone amboyna burl wood handles, symbolizing durability, are sourced from the resilient Narra tree in the Philippines. Crafted with Damasteel, these blades boast intricate patterns, adding functional elegance to your table.

14. Napkin Folding Art

Designer: Phuong

Infuse texture into each place setting by creatively folding cloth napkins. Experiment with various techniques such as the classic fan fold or use innovative folding techniques to create an interesting design. Enhance the presentation with elegant napkin rings, elevating the overall tactile experience.

Designer: TALLO de OLIVO

TALLO de OLIVO turns ordinary spaces into distinctive ones with handmade pieces crafted by Colombian artisans, utilizing local materials to enhance their inherent beauty.

Designer: West Elm

The botanical-inspired napkin ring adds a biophilic vibe to the table décor.

15. Beautify with Gold Accents

Designer: Linda

Infuse a touch of glamour into your Thanksgiving table with a decor theme that revolves around hues of gold. Envision gold-rimmed plates, shimmering candle holders, and metallic accents creating a dazzling setting for your festive meal.

With a skillful combination of colors, textures, and decorative elements, one can transform the dining table into a captivating showcase of autumn-inspired beauty that sets the ideal ambiance for your Thanksgiving feast.