What are the Different Bathroom Decor Styles

The bathroom forms one of the smallest areas of the home in terms of square feet and is usually one of the only areas that allows some ‘me time’, hence the décor must appeal to the user’s taste and requirements. The bathroom décor can be broadly classified into different décor styles, but one can easily mix and match different décor elements to create a unique space. Each décor style exudes elegance and style while ensuring functionality and comfort. Take a look at the most popular bathroom décor styles and choose the one that is best suited for your home.

Contemporary Décor Style

Designer: Tanzeel Amjad

  • A contemporary bathroom décor integrates the design elements of classic and modern design. It incorporates the latest technology, materials, and the latest design trends. The focus is on clean lines, minimal embellishments, and a clutter-free space to create a unique aesthetic.
  • The colors of a contemporary décor include polished hardwood, metal accents, and symmetrical geometric patterns. Its clean and simple color palette pays attention to fine details, sleek materials, and simple lighting.
  • Contemporary bathrooms include a combination of light and dark shades in contrasting hues and one of the most popular color palettes of contemporary décor includes the combination of black and white.
  • The key features of a contemporary bathroom are the integration of a sleek vanity, sleek faucets, glass shower enclosure, slim mirrors, and statement tiles. The materials include the use of natural materials like stone and granite contrasted with man-made materials like stainless steel.
  • Technology can be integrated into the bathroom via digital shower controls, and smart mirrors.

Eclectic Bathroom

Designer: Thanh Nguyen

  • The eclectic bathroom is a free décor style that does not follow any specific design style and is a curated collection of design elements.
  • One can easily opt for unexpected colors and patterns in the bathroom décor combined with a mix of textures, materials, and various finishes.
  • Additionally, an eclectic décor effortlessly mixes the design elements of different eras and allows one to express their individual personality.

Modern Bathroom

Designers: Elena Sedova, Sergey Sedov

  • A modern bathroom features simple and clean lines alongside a sleek and streamlined look.
  • The décor emphasizes strong horizontal lines which are usually visible in the design of the countertops, sinks, mirrors, and accessories.
  • Some of the materials that are used in a modern bathroom include stone, teak, and porcelain.
  • The color palette includes white, subtle neutrals, or black while pops of color are incorporated into the bathroom décor via artwork, accessories, bath towels, and fresh greenery.
  • The design elements include a floating vanity, a glass shower enclosure, sleek faucets, a frameless mirror, and layered lighting.

Transitional Bathroom

Designer: Decorating Den Interiors

  • A transitional-style bathroom finds a balance between traditional and contemporary. It is a combination of old and new design elements that are functional as well as practical.
  • Some of the materials for the floor and wall treatments include marble, stone, and quartz along with light-hued countertops.
  • Transitional style bathrooms may include a shaker-style vanity, an under-mount sink, patterned floors, dark-finish metals, a pedestal bathtub, a glass shower enclosure, subway tiles, and decorative door handles.
  • The lighting scheme incorporates drum pendants, beautiful chandeliers, and sleek wall sconces.
  • A transitional style bathroom exudes a soft and subtle vibe in both warm and cool hues. For a richer look, one can opt for hues of blue, brown, grey, or wood.

Tropical Bathroom

  • A tropical-style bathroom incorporates materials like stone, wood, plenty of greenery, and a nature-inspired aesthetic.
  • The overall interiors and décor bring in plenty of natural light and incorporate an open-plan layout.
  • Tropical bathrooms focus on lush green foliage.

Victorian Bathroom

Designer: Emma

  • Victorian style bathroom features jewel tone tiles in elegant hues coupled with gold trims.
  • The tiles include large floral prints, the classic claw-foot bathtubs, and pedestal sinks.
  • Victorian bathrooms are further accentuated with the use of painted knobs and handles, beautiful rugs as well as a mix of colored woods and finishes.

Scandinavian Bathroom Décor

Designer: Sunny Circle Studio

  • Scandinavian-style bathrooms are always the epitome of elegance, simplicity, and functionality as they are free of clutter and excessive ornamentation. It’s a modern design that promotes optimum utilization of space, focuses on functionality, and does not look cramped.
  • One can easily create the Nordic feel with a combination of dark and light colors in the tile materials to create a cohesive aesthetic. This can simultaneously be achieved with the use of wood paneling in the walls and the flooring.
  • Freestanding bathtubs are popular in Scandinavian bathroom decor as they offer extra space. One can accentuate the bathroom with geometric rugs and soft towels.

Mid-century Bathroom

  • The midcentury bathroom is usually designed with vintage furniture and the décor includes attractive details like brushed gold metals and large mirrors to create a bright and airy space.
  • In a midcentury bathroom, color is usually used to accentuate the décor and enhance its visual appeal.
  • Vintage design elements are strategically introduced to enhance the overall décor of the bathroom space.

Nautical Bathroom Décor

Designer: Eclipse Design Studio

  • The nautical or beach-style bathroom décor is inspired by the ocean and its natural beauty. It focuses on natural materials and exudes a calm, relaxing, and breezy vibe within the bathroom.
  • The maritime theme is designed in coast-inspired colors with cool shades of ocean blue that create a casual and easygoing décor combined with colors inspired by the hues of the sun, sand, and sea. One can also opt for a vibrant color scheme in tropical colors like hues of green and bold corals.
  • It is highly recommended to decorate the bathroom with durable finishes and anything that is reminiscent of the ocean like jute fabrics, seashells, pebble tiles, weathered wood, mother-of-pearl, ocean-themed art, and sand.
  • The design features of the bathroom include a spacious shower, bathtub, and vanity-style sinks.

Industrial Themed Bathroom Décor

Designer: Art Facade

  • Industrial-themed bathrooms are inspired by the design of warehouses that are simple and functional spaces.
  • The design focuses on bold colors, and high contrast and is all about minimalism.
  • The materials used in an industrial-themed décor include mixed wood, white accent, marble countertops, and hard-wearing surfaces. The raw surfaces can include materials like brick for the walling, stainless steel, corrugated steel panels, concrete, and cinderblock.
  • The components of an industrial-themed bathroom décor include a glass and steel shower enclosure, trough and basin sinks, and white subway tiles. The use of exposed ducts, wire, and tubes offers a raw and unfinished design which contributes to the industrial look.
  • The raw materials determine the color palette of an industrial-style bathroom with the use of an occasional pop of saturated color. One can enhance the aesthetics by hanging exposed lights, metal mirrors, and a concrete bathtub.

Traditional Bathroom

  • Traditional bathrooms look timeless as they use familiar design elements that are comfortable to use.
  • It celebrates classic materials, and decorative details like the use of wainscoting, wallpaper, and decorative molding.
  • A lot of detail and rich character can be found in this style, which features unique tilework, calming colors, and elegant materials such as marble which is used for the floor and wall treatment and stainless steel for the vanity and sink stands. The other materials include the use of porcelain and acrylic.
  • Some of the key features include a furniture-style vanity, dressing table, elegant stone countertops, and a classic claw-foot or pedestal-style bathtub.
  • The lighting design includes antique-style light fixtures.
  • The color palette of a traditional bathroom décor includes subtle neutrals in soft shades of blue and green. For a richer look, one can consider hues of blue, brown, grey, and dark wood tones.

Although there are endless choices when it comes to bathroom décor, you can select various décor items for each style and create a bathroom that resonates with you.