Adorable Bat-shaped Kitchen Scissors Cut Bags and Veggies, Crack Nuts, and Open Bottles

Arriving perfectly in time for Halloween season, this friendly little bat adds fun and flavor to your kitchen! With its unique design that’s easy to grip both from the inside as well as the outside, Elizabat (that has to be the cutest name ever) is a pair of culinary scissors that helps you cut, chop, and slice away at veggies and herbs in the kitchen. Its clever blade design also has a bottle opener, while the gap between the handle serves as a nut-cracker. Whatever it is you need, Elizabat is the perfect sous chef!

Designer: OTOTO

The folks at OTOTO are masters of storytelling through fun product designs and experiences. All their products have unique characters that lend a charm to the product and its overall experience, making using them a lot more fun without being too cumbersome. Elizabat follows the same logic, with a design that may look uncomfortable at first, but you soon realize that the bat-shaped grips are what make the scissors so useful!

Designed to be gripped both through the inside as well as the outside, the bat’s wings have an ergonomic profile to them that works well for the scissor’s various uses. Hold them traditionally and the scissor works well cutting and chopping through veggies and fruit, whether you’re trimming some green onions to sprinkle on your ramen, or cutting through tough artichoke leaves. One of the scissor’s blades has a clever cutout that works well as a bottle opener, while ridges in the metal tang between both handles work as a nut-cracker, allowing you to casually flip between lever types 1, 2, and 3 depending on the task at hand!

Elizabat features a simple steel, rubber, and plastic construction that gets elevated by its unique character-based design. The bat’s wings are delightfully accurate, with a tiny plastic bat right between them that has an adorable appeal altogether. In fact, it’s so adorable that we’d probably have to tell you to keep Elizabat away from kids!