Minimalist & Warm Column Kitchen Is A Refreshing Change From The Typical Industrial Kitchen Units

Kitchen units today can be pretty industrial and stark, they tend to be quite unfeeling and aren’t a great option for those who like their homes to be warm and comforting. If you’re someone who is tired of the same old kitchen units and is looking for a breath of fresh air in your home, then you’ve reached the right spot. Meet the Column Kitchen by French designer Inga Sempé.  A minimal and good-looking kitchen unit, the Column Kitchen is designed to be “warm and different”. The Column Kitchen was designed by Sempé for the Danish brand Reform.

Designer: Inga Sempé for Reform

Designed for the Danish brand Reform, the Column Kitchen is a unique and subtle kitchen unit that features rounded-edged surfaces, sides, and handles. The various components of the unit come together to form a column that stretches harmoniously from the top to the bottom of each door. As you look closely at the kitchen unit, you’ll realize that the columns feature a mushroom-shaped profile when it is viewed from the top! This provides the unit with a form that is easily and efficiently gripp-able, while also adding a strong and defined visual identity.

“Industrial kitchens often look the same as home kitchens these days,” said Sempé. “Like a sum of cubes. We are obliged to live surrounded by these cubes, and I’m fed up with it. I just wanted to do something warm and different. Beautiful and rich, but not antipathetic.”

Reform has described the Column Kitchen as “elegant and eclectic”, “chunky yet refined” and “a break with the conventions of the kitchen”, making it an exceptional addition to modern homes. The Column Kitchen unit is available in natural oak, white ash, or four colors of spray-painted ash veneer – Fresh Cream, Pistachio, Concrete, or Dark Umbra. The door and handles of the Column Kitchen can be selected in a monochrome look or mix and matched version, helping you customize and create the kitchen unit that perfectly caters to your personal taste and preference while providing your mundane old kitchen with a new and exciting look!