This sleep-enhancing bed accessory uses vibrations to improve your sleep and wake up energized

People are finally putting sleep in its proper place in their lives. After so many years of trying to maximize productivity during waking hours, people have finally realized how important a good night’s sleep is just as important in maintaining health as well as productivity in the long run. Unfortunately, it seems that many of us have lost the ability to sleep properly, or at least have developed bad habits that lead to inefficient sleep. Pills and concoctions can only do so much as short-term band-aid fixes that lead to dependency and even worse sleeping patterns. Fortunately, there are more natural methods to achieve better sleep, such as this simple yet effective bed accessory that harnesses gentle vibrations to lull our bodies and minds into a more peaceful state of rest.

Designer: Mellowing Factory

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Sleep is often the activity that gets sacrificed first in the name of productivity, but studies show how poor sleep is not only counterproductive, it also contributes to many medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and more. At the same time, the way we wake up is also critical in making us feel well-rested, but the majority of alarm clocks and apps are designed to jolt us awake without consideration. Two different but interrelated problems might sound like they require two different solutions, but the innovative Wethm Sleep Enhancer offers a single product to solve both.

Set Up the Device on your Bed – Place the sensor directly on your mattress beneath the sheet at chest height.

Smooth Vibrations Can Relax Your Body – Using a lulling technique called cardiovascular synchronization, your heart paces with the gentle vibrations, guiding your body into sweet relaxation.

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed – When the moment is just right, a tender buzz embraces you, waking you up feeling refreshed.

Be in Control – Understand your sleep, and gain insights to improve your nights.

Unlike fixes that rely on triggering chemicals inside our bodies, Wethm imitates gentle vibrations of a train ride to slow the heart down, with a technique known as cardiovascular synchronization. When the heart slows down its rhythm, it sends a signal to the rest of the body to clock down, gently lulling you into deeper sleep. And when it’s the right time to wake up, Wethm also uses tender buzzing to gradually wake you up, making you feel refreshed and recharged, ready to face the day head-on.

Using Wethm is simple and comfortable, and it doesn’t require you to wear anything on your head or even on your wrist. You simply place the long, flexible pad on top of the mattress and under your sheets at chest level, and set the controller on a bedside table or even on the side of the mattress. Connect the device with the Wethm smartphone app, set up your alarm for the week, and you’re good to go.

Wethm does more than just help you sleep better and wake up properly. With AI-powered tracking, you can gain personal insights into your sleeping behavior to help you make adjustments to improve your sleep quality. With the Wethm app, all your data and all the controls are at your fingertips. Give your body a productivity and health boost with the Wethm Sleep Enhancer to get the best sleep and the most refreshing wake-up call of your life.

Click Here to Buy Now: $114 $189 ($75 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $50,000.