Whiskey Gets a Scientific Upgrade: This Unique 5-Sided Glass Chills Rapidly for Peak Flavor

While the words “on the rocks” sounds incredibly rustic, the folks at DIAMAS have engineered what they say is the most scientifically optimal modern classic hybrid glass ever created. Just like wine, ‘whiskey drinking’ is a multi-sensorial experience that involves your eyes and nose as much as your tastebuds. The DIAMAS Tumbler features a wonderful 5 convex faceted base that chills liquor evenly in just 15 seconds. Moreover, it comes with a matching dodecahedral granite whiskey stone that ensures maximum surface contact for rapid chilling, without the dilution you’d get from ice. More than just chilling your drink, the DIAMAS Tumbler looks highly sophisticated with its chiseled design and obsidian-colored stone. Although the hand-crafted stone is heavy, it appears to float within the vessel. It also creates the perfect conditions required via the 5 convex internal walls. Whilst swirling your fine spirit, watch the fluid dynamics take effect as it increases oxidization, forcing ethanol out, opening the delicate compounds letting your nose absorb all the notes before your tongue tastes them. In short, “on the rocks” has never tasted this good.

Designer: Christopher Jansen

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The DIAMAS Tumbler wraps science, ergonomics, and molecular gastronomy into one sweet package. Designed for redefining the liquor drinking experience, technologizing the future of whiskey and fine spirits, through fluid dynamics, cooling technology, and ergonomic design. It uses a unique design and a combination of tumbler + chilling stone to achieve the best results, i.e., chilled whiskey that’s distinctly aromatic, flavorful, and sans the burn.

The ‘Neat Chill’ Solution – 5 CONVEX-CHILL DESIGN™ chills liquor evenly in 15 seconds without dilution.

The glass itself is equal parts ergonomic to hold, and is engineered to honor the whiskey inside it. A faceted base fits the DIAMAS’ dodecahedral granite chilling stone perfectly. The 12-sided handcrafted stone provides much more surface contact with the spirit, chilling it in as little as 15 seconds without diluting it the way ice would. Meanwhile, a narrower drinking rim helps trap some of the vapors from the alcohol, so your nose smells those spicy, sweet notes while the whiskey coats your tongue. The narrow rim also ensures you can sip your alcohol without the glass blocking your view, allowing you to maintain eye contact with others while suavely enjoying some beautiful single-malt. The combination of the rapid chilling with the tumbler’s cleverly designed rim ensures that your whiskey gets the elevated treatment it deserves, going miles beyond what your current whiskey glass provides.

Enhanced Flavor – Whilst drinking, the stone tilts out and back into place, increasing oxidization, forcing ethanol to evaporate, allowing the narrow drinking rim to release the aromas onto the nose.

For the best cooling results, DIAMAS recommends chilling both the stone as well as the tumbler in a freezer for 2-3 hours. Once chilled, pour just 50ml of the liquor of your choice ‘on the rock’ and the DIAMAS Tumbler shows you what it’s capable of. The alcohol chills almost instantly with minimal dilution, and the granite helps it hold its cool temperature for longer. For best nosing results, however, ensure the glass and stone are at room temperature and not frozen. Meanwhile, the glass’ shape makes for a highly sophisticated drinking experience – something that even leading 16-time gold medal-winning Irish master distiller Darryl McNally agrees with, noticing a definite “marked difference” in how good his Limavady Irish whiskey tastes within the DIAMAS Tumbler.

The polished black finish on the cooling stone along with the transparent glass also creates a wonderful interplay between transparency and opaqueness, and between light and darkness – a feature that’s enhanced further by the golden tint of the alcohol you’re consuming. Early pioneers can pre-order the DIAMAS Tumbler at a discounted £39.50 ($49 USD) as a perfect addition to their home mini bar. Or better still, grab one for a friend, dad, brother, or business partner as a uniquely appealing (and creative) gift!

Click Here to Buy Now: $47 $63 (25% off total with coupon code “YANKODESIGN”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!