Majestic Safari Deck: A Massive Tourist Attraction Inspired by the Beauty of Mountain Sheep

With the kind of whimsical wonderment that’s reminiscent of Aladdin’s Cave, or the Castle of Greyskull, this absolutely stunning safari observation deck comes shaped like a sheep’s head emerging from the slope of a mountain. Designed by architect and biomimicry enthusiast Thilina Liyanage, the Safari Park Observation Deck is a proposed concept for a raised platform where tourists can observe the nature reserve from a safe vantage point. The observation deck comes with multiple platforms, including a spacious circular base, and a staircase that leads to the massive mountain sheep’s head, where people can get the most scenic view of the safari park ahead of them.

Designer: Thilina Liyanage

Liyanage’s architectural style involves grandiose tributes to nature, featuring larger-than-life animals made from wood, bamboo, metal, and concrete. This observation deck is nothing short of a visual marvel, with its almost Mount Rushmore-like appeal. The massive sheep head stands out wonderfully against its green backdrop, and looks even more remarkable when viewed from the side against the sprawling sky.

Structurally, the sheep head uses a combination of metal girders for an underlying framework, and warped bamboo for the details. Most parts of the sheep head remain skeletal, barring the forehead and nose, which come clad in a way that provides shade for the people in the observation deck. The horns are the deck’s signature elements, as they curve beautifully to represent the elegance of nature.

Large elements like the horns are held up by cable trusses, keeping the structure upright and intact

The entire structure is a testament to the beauty of nature – something Liyanage tries to capture with all of his work. His past projects have come shaped like goldfish, antelopes, and even manta rays.