A cradle that grows transforms into a rocking horse and folds as a suitcase, ready to journey!

When it comes to designing a space for our little bundles of joy, a crib that promises not only a safe and comfortable haven but a world of imaginative possibilities is a definite winner. Case in point, Schwan! Designed to make your baby smile even in their sleep, Schwan is far and beyond this idea. It ensures that every stage of your baby’s growth is met with excitement and comfort.

To that accord, this is a cradle that literally grows out of its essential idea of a cradle into one that doubles as a rocking horse or triples as a suitcase to be carried along when you shift base with your toddler. Beat that!

Designer: Amith Paul

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In its primary feature, Schwan provides a plush sleeping surface that delicately cradles your baby’s growing body. The ergonomic design ensures that your little one enjoys a restful sleep, night after night. But the magic doesn’t stop there.

As your baby starts to explore the world around them, Schwan transforms into a rocking horse: a delightful combination of entertainment and exercise. With a comfortable seat and handles perfectly sized for tiny hands to grip, this rocking horse feature becomes a source of endless joy. The gentle rocking motion not only brings giggles but also has a calming effect.

This safe haven for your child’s sleep and playtime adventures takes on yet another guise – that of a suitcase – with a simple flip and a few folds. The innovative crib becomes a convenient travel companion as foldable legs and a secure lid ensure that your baby’s essentials are packed away neatly, ready to journey.

As parents, we’re always seeking the best for our children. We want them to feel safe, cherished, and inspired. Schwan beautifully captures these aspirations, offering not just a cradle, but a whole world of possibilities with its image of a memory-maker on wheels!