Adorable Little ADU Resembles A Birdhouse While Tackling The Housing Crunch In Austin,Texas

Did you know that according to recent reports Austin, Texas has become one of the most expensive places to live in the United States of America? In such a scenario, accessory dwelling units could be the way to go, and this adorable-looking compact corrugated accessory dwelling called the Birdhouse is a brilliant option!

Designed by North Arrow Studio, the Birdhouse is a minimal bright white structure with a modest footprint that somehow manages to span over two floors. The home occupies 84 square meters and shares a 550 square meter lot with a 1939 single-story house, and three massive pecan trees. “This design protects and celebrates the three large protected pecan trees adjacent to the building. The small building footprint has less impact on the land and tiptoes around the critical root zones of these trees. The courtyard and the home utilize the surrounding tree canopies for additional shade and privacy,” said the studio.


  • The home is strategically placed around the pecan trees to create a cozy courtyard
  • Features round windows, making it resemble a birdhouse


  • The entryway with it’s 3 round windows restricts the light coming in from that side

Designer: North Arrow Studio

The exterior of the home is dominated by its corrugated steel cladding, which imparts it with a rather tactile quality. Since it is quite a sustainable material, corrugated metal was chosen and used to build the roof and siding, making the envelope of the house 100 percent recyclable. The second-story main suite features a double vaulted ceiling which makes the roof framed, providing less ‘attic’ insulation space, hence corrugated metal was an excellent choice in repelling heat during the hot summers. The entire home is marked with large windows, which provide the home with its birdhouse-like resemblance and quirky name.

The interior of the home is warm and cozy, with the living room providing a break from the hectic city life and noise on the outside. The home features a small and functional kitchenette with three round windows that allow natural light to stream into the interior. The ground floor accommodates the bathroom, which is minimalist in nature, except for the fire engine red tiles. The bedroom is on the upper story and has a really spacious feel owing to its double-vaulted roof. A reading nook is tucked away under one of the apexes of the roof. A 5-foot round window in the bedroom can be opened, letting in fresh air.

Though the Birdhouse had a pretty tight budget, the studio did a tremendous job in creating a cozy, functional, and well-equipped ADU that feels much larger than it really is, allowing to serve as a small solution to the rising cost of living in Austin, Texas.