Vintage Apple sneakers for $50,000 is a must-buy for hardcore fans only

For sneakerheads, collecting their footwear of choice has become a lifestyle (and sometimes an obsession?) that they are willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to buy the latest one or the more unique models. But would you be willing to spend $50,000 to own a pair of vintage sneakers that you may not even get to wear since it might fall apart? If you’re a die-hard Apple fan and a sneaker collector, then you might consider spending that much for this pair.

Designer: Apple

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Auction house Sotheby’s is selling a pair of Apple sneakers called the Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers that were specifically created for the tech company’s employees during the 90s. They weren’t sold to the public but were only given to those who worked for the company during that time. The pair being sold is still in “mint condition” in that they were never worn yet and are still in the box but since it’s been a couple of decades since they were created, expect it to not be totally okay.

Design-wise, it’s just a pair of white sneakers that have the old Apple rainbow logo on the sides and on the tongue and come with white laces. It is pretty retro-looking but since a lot of retro things are now “in” once again, it should fit right in with the Gen Z aesthetic. This particular pair is US men’s size 10.5 so if you’re planning on actually wearing it, you should have that particular shoe size. Otherwise, it will just be a pair of shoes on display in your cabinet or room (if you collect that many sneakers).

There have been some other pairs of this particular sneakers that went on sale before although they didn’t look exactly the same as this $50,000 one. Let’s see if there is someone out there who would be willing to spend that much for this vintage and mint condition sneakers. Hopefully they also don’t fall apart if said person tries to wear it.