How this minimalist lamp creates an otherworldly glow that connects the heavens and earth

Some lamps are designed to simply provide proper lighting for us to see, while others are made to set the right atmosphere and mood. Some even try to put you into a meditative state, pulling your head into a more peaceful space, perhaps to be able to think more clearly. Lamps accomplish these through a variety of means, like the brightness or temperature of the light they emit or through the design of the very lamp itself. This small table lamp uses both techniques to create such an atmosphere, using nothing more than simple shapes that evoke imagery of the earth and the sky connected by a single beam of ethereal light that seemingly appears out of nowhere.

Designer: Li Wenkai

In its deactivated state, the magnetic light that stands in the middle looks nothing more than an extremely thin rod or wire stretched from end to end. In isolation, this filament’s bright glow might even call to mind a welding rod that shines brightly only because of extreme heat, not exactly the calming imagery that the lamp is aiming for.

Thanks to the use of simple shapes and thoughtful composition, however, this thin rod of light is able to send a very different message instead. The base has a very low conical shape that slopes gently upward, almost like a solitary mountain rising majestically in the middle of a plain. Directly above it is a small metal ball, representing the heart of the heavens or the sun floating above. A single, thin beam of light connects these two, like a space laser or a heavenly bridge that makes heaven and earth meet.

This straight beam, however, is also an illusion. That filament is apparently flexible and can be bent when the magnetic metal sphere falls from the sky. This creates a more fluid curve that is reminiscent of the beautiful aurora of night skies. The lamp’s transparent polycarbonate body not only gives a full view of that light, it also creates a visual illusion of multiple strands of light growing out of the base, resulting in a more interesting display of light art.


This Auge Light Mini has very simple controls, a single touch button to cycle between two levels of brightness and the off state. This lets the user select the kind of visual effect they want, whether it’s a soft and eerie glow or a bright beam that lights up the space. Neither is strong enough to serve as a work or even a reading light, but the lamp will definitely help get you in the right head space for some deeper thinking or maybe even for a nap.