Lawnmowing shoes are a thing now with this pair of waterproof, grass stain-proof kicks

I live in a country where mowing lawns isn’t really a major thing. But of course there are places where it’s something that people have to do regularly to keep their yards and lawns looking good. Some have even made a career out of it, at least during their teenage years when they have to earn a bit of money. There aren’t really any “fashion for lawn mowing” items out there since all you need is a trusty pair of shoes and some comfortable clothes (and the lawnmower of course) but apparently, that’s about to change slightly now.

Designer: Omar Bailey for Cub Cadet

Outdoor equipment brand Cub Cadet is now coming out with limited edition shoes that are specifically for those who want to mow the lawn and look fashionable doing so. The Ultimate Lawn Mowing Shoes or The Ultimas is a black and yellow pair of shoes that match the Ultima Series lawn mower that the brand has previously released and is created for those who need a good pair of kicks to keep them looking cool even while performing a chore.

But of course the shoes aren’t just meant for fashion. It is water-resistant and will not have grass stains that are sometimes hard to clean from your regular shoes. This is especially useful for those that have to regularly mow lawns for their own houses or for other people’s houses. It also is lace-less and comes with the EZ-On closure so you can slip in and out of it easily. There’s even an LED light-up tongue and a step-out heel frame.

You can also probably use the shoes for other outdoor activities that may involve walking on grass for some time. It may be a niche market and there are only limited editions available but it is a pretty nice looking and functional pair, especially if you like the colors yellow and black.