0² VR headset sets new paradigm by trimming weight without compromising structural integrity or functionality

With the release of the evolutionary new Vision Pro, Apple has taken a detour from the usual mixed reality headsets we have seen in the past. In that effort, Apple has – amid a host of interesting features – scrapped the idea of handheld controllers, the user generally requires to interact with such devices.

Like Apple, which had been working on its first AR/VR headset for almost half a decade now, there are many companies – including Meta – knocking around the idea of AR/VR headsets, but most of these devices usually end up on the beefier side. Presenting a viable alternative is the conceptual new virtual reality headset: 0², but it arrives with handheld controllers!

Designer: RITE

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Using 3D printed technology to build this virtual reality head-mounted display, the designer visions to enhance user experience and address the challenges associated with the weight of such devices. By employing cutting-edge parametric design techniques and 3D printing, 0² manages partial weight reduction off of the headset without compromising structural integrity or functionality.

By delving into the core issues of weight, on the face and head, 0² focuses on optimizing weight and simultaneously enhancing the device’s value proposition for users with its unified and cohesive aesthetic. The headset is characterized by a sleek and rounded form factor and the designer has paid careful attention to the texture of the device to create a visually and tactilely pleasing device.

For this, the headset is 3D printed from plastic and is provided with a metallic finish. The outer casing, however, is finished in durable fabric. All necessary cameras and modules are installed to allow users to fully immerse themselves in the VR experience with the additional assistance of handheld controllers. For a better experience, 0² has an onboard display panel that shows real-time updates about the headset and controllers’ status.

The flexibility provided by 3D printing allows for the creation of complex geometries while the inspiration from modern architectural parametric permits the designer to address the crucial aspects of ventilation and weight with 0² that many companies have been trying to strike a balance with.