This hydrogen propelled Peugeot concept is an ultra-edgy luxury coupe of the future

The rage for electric vehicles as the best defense against rising climate concerns is at its peak and growing exponentially. While all isn’t as green as it seems with electric drivetrain-powered vehicles, a better alternative that’s in the infancy stage is hydrogen-powered vehicles.

At this point in time, the cost of hydrogen-powered drivetrains is steep, thereby, overshadowing benefits like a more extended range and emissions that are nothing more than pure water or vapors. As technological advances propel it forward hydrogen fuel cells will be the way to go.

Designer: Zhe Huang

Inspired by the outshining advantaged of hydrogen fuel cell tech and keeping the future in mind, this Peugeot concept is the luxury coupe we could see roll down the freeways. The design of the concept car is based on the creases of folding paper (not origami) thus giving it a very sharp, edgy personality that goes with what the automotive design community believes will be the norm in future designs. Dubbed Peugeot ‘No Concept’ the car has an immaculate, minimal presence with a sense of visual parity that evokes intrigue.

The Cyberpunkish vibe of this hydrogen car flows from the front to the sides and then to the rear. Its car’s concave side profile adds a muscular appeal leading to the sharp aesthetics at the rear. Smooth, shining surface of the Peugeot coupe is intended to create volume in the right place. For visual depth and contrast, Zhe employs a smart interplay of black glints along with silver and gray colors. When the light hits the car’s surface at different angles, at different times of the day, it somehow seems like a different beast altogether.

From the top, the No Concept looks like an inverted surfboard ready to hit the rough waters. That said it’s just a clever use of oblong tinted glass. Passengers can view through the glass on clear sunny days, while someone watching from the outside will not be able to peek in clearly. Hence, offering privacy to the passengers and riders.

The exterior design is super cool and aerodynamically optimized to reduce drag coefficient for better fuel efficiency and overall range. Peugeot No Concept is exactly what we wanted in a monotonous automotive concept space which is mostly filled with designs that are either impractical or too futuristic to be real!