House boasting an ocean view stands on the precipice in the metaverse

One of my dreams is to be able to have a vacation house where I can bask in my favorite natural views as soon as I open my house. Of course, this will probably remain a dream as that would involve a lot of money and probably a major lifestyle change. But now that we’re inching closer to the metaverse, or at least an initial version of it, this might eventually become possible in a phygital (physical-digital) universe. I can already imagine all the amazing designs that may come close to this dream, at least in my literal dreams.

Designer: minD Design

I could probably say that it was love at first sight with this concept for a metaverse house overlooking the ocean. The Oblivion House is a combination of flowing architecture and natural vistas for a dwelling that is literally on the edge of a cliff, so those who are afraid of falling into deep waters will have to look away. The house itself is shaped like a boat or yacht with glass walls and windows, giving you the best view of the ocean and the surrounding trees and other nature things you can imagine.

Just looking at the images, you already get a sense of “living, well-being, tranquility, calmness, and health” which is what the architect, Miroslav Naskov, imagined when he was designing this metaverse abode. The house has three levels, with the top one being a bedroom, a living space in the middle, and a pool with a deck in the lowest level, which gives off an infinity pool vibe since you’re basically on top of the ocean (although there are rocks directly below). There’s also a garden “outside” of the house and a “garage” for your cars.

The Oblivion House has a flowing, white, and minimalist aesthetic to it that is in harmony with its surrounding environment. There might not be enough privacy as all the walls are made of glass but you probably won’t have any neighbors in this setting. I don’t know if an intricate structure like this can actually be created in the real world, but hey, this is a dream in the metaverse so anything is possible in this world. I for one would like to book this right away if I had enough digital currency in my future life in this metaverse.