Herman Miller announces the Passport Table, a height-adjusting versatile table that lets you work anywhere

The pneumatic-controlled table is compact enough to fit your entire work setup, and can move around the office to let you be instantly productive wherever you go.

Herman Miller’s Passport Table complements the laptop-based work setup perfectly. Laptops were designed to be portable, allowing you to carry them everywhere. They’re untethered, giving you the freedom to work in a cabin, at a standing desk, a meeting room, or in the lobby. The Passport Table encourages that freedom by being the table that accompanies you and your laptop everywhere. It features a compact, lightweight design that wheels around with you, and comes in two sizes that fit both smaller and larger spaces. The smaller variant sports a 22 x 16” worksurface and height adjustability of 12 inches, while the larger version offers a 27 x 20” working area, and the ability to adjust its height by 18 inches. Additionally, the Passport will be made available in a wide range of colors with the ability to customize it by adding accessories like a flexible privacy partition, etc.

Designer: Herman Miller

“The future of work is a trending topic in our current climate,” says Ben Watson, President of Herman Miller. “But for Herman Miller, the convergence of work, life, and play has always been central to how we design our products. Passport is the next addition to our portfolio that seeks to bring forth solutions that are agile, efficient, and fit for a variety of environments.”

The Passport Table prioritizes flexibility over everything else. When used at home, Passport provides a highly efficient work surface with an adjustable height range that occupies minimal space, giving customers the option to upgrade their multi-use or small home offices. In the workplace, it gives you the flexibility to move around so you’re not restricted to the three walls of a cabin. You can wheel the Passport around with you (and your office chair) and work from an atrium or lobby, or wheel it to your colleague’s desk to brainstorm or work together. The height-adjusting feature also lets you switch to a standing desk format, allowing you to metaphorically and literally ‘be on your feet’!

The compact nature of the Passport Table makes it a perfect addition to any hybrid office space, allowing it to ‘maximize performance while minimizing footprint’. The table features a single-column base and lightweight construction, along with optional add-ons like a bag-hook on the central column, or a flexible privacy screen that magnetically snaps into place, giving you a more cozy, semi-private work environment.

Passport will be available in a wide range of finishes and colors, with pricing starting at $600 USD.