Philips Launches Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights Delivered in 8 Days

Designed by the Signify Global Design Team, the Philips MyCreation droplet pendant lamp is a unique product that combines sustainability and beauty. Hanging from the ceiling with an aesthetic that’s equal parts modern and rustic, the lamp employs 3D-printing processes, which give it its shape and texture. The lamp’s raw material, however, comes from recycled fishing nets, gathered directly from harbors on the Cornish coast. Made locally and manufactured on-demand, each lamp explores a variety of coastal-inspired texture styles and comes with a gradual gradient that goes from turquoise to a light lemon yellow, creating a beautiful hue in the process that’s only further accentuated by the irregularities in its design created by the 3D printer.

Designer: Signify Global Design Team

The recycled nature of the lamp’s material lends a level of unburnished imperfection to it, making it unique. The material and the 3D-printing technique create their own minor irregularities that help give the lamp its bespoke appeal. When the light inside it is switched on, these imperfections take on a character of their own, making the lamp look much more beautiful than something polished and mass-manufactured.

The lamps’ designs borrow from their marine origins too, with patterns that pay homage to the sea. The cross-hatched design (shown below) is reminiscent of the fishnet, while the wavy pattern (above) references the ripples seen in the sand at the bottom of an ocean-based on water currents. Each lamp is made to order and takes roughly 8 days to be printed and delivered. Aside from being recycled, the lamps are further recyclable too, allowing the plastic to be reused in a variety of other formats.

The Philips MyCreation Drop Pendant Light is a Gold winner of the International Design Excellence Awards for the year 2022.