This uniquely flexible table can easily pivot to be your work space and storage area

Even though we’re almost back to normal when it comes to going back to work, or at least the office, I still want to make my house a work space. Whether it’s for my actual job or some of my side jobs, I want to have a space which gets me in a working headspace rather than a place where I will be tempted to watch Netflix or something. That’s why I’m always interested in seeing designs or concepts of tables or furniture that will help you become more productive or organized.

Designer: Ahmet Özdemir

The Route Table is a concept for a working table that can be turned into various things that can help you work. You can move some parts around and turn them into a work table, a bookshelf, or a storage space, and it can even be all three at the same time. It has two large main parts, one fixed and one movable. The latter can be used at different angles, depending on what you need it to be, with the mechanism helping you to turn it into the right piece of furniture for your current need.

The fixed part is simply a bookshelf or storage space with opal glass doors to protect the books inside or whatever you choose to put inside the “cabinet”. There’s also space on top of it with its high shelf arrangement, although that part will be covered if you move the table to close in on it in case you don’t need the table to work on. There is also a movable light fixture on the desk part so you can place it in the area where you’re actually working on, if you need a bit of extra light.

The movable desk part may be a bit too large or long for smaller spaces. But if you need a bigger table for your computer and all the work documents, then it’s the perfect size for you. It can be used as an extension of the storage or be placed perpendicular to it. And when you need more space in your room, you can just close it on top of the cabinet. This Route table concept comes in pretty handy if you need a more flexible kind of furniture.