Samsung-backed portable air quality monitor is positioned to be the next game-changing smart health device

Do you often doze off during the day even if you slept well last night? Do you have difficulties with focus and concentration? or Do you have chronic fatigue despite regular exercise and a healthy diet? It might be possible that your healthy lifestyle doesn’t include the most important thing… HEALTHY AIR!

The air you breathe may affect your health in various ways. For example, High concentration levels of carbon dioxide may cause a variety of health effects including headaches, dizziness, restlessness, and even needless feeling. Other air components such as VOCs, particulate matter, and carbon monoxide can be also causes of minor health deterioration and sometimes even lead to fatal illnesses.

Designers: Kangnam Kim & Sujin Lee

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The thing with air is that you really can’t tell when the air quality you’re breathing is bad. Sure, bad water has a specific off-taste or color, food that’s spoilt has a distinct flavor profile that tells you something is wrong, but if your air has too much CO2, there’s really no way of knowing on your own. CO2 is odorless, quite like oxygen, although it isn’t as good for you as the latter.

Reduce fatigue in daily life.

Improve concentration at work.

That’s where AirNotis comes in. Designed to monitor your air quality in real time, AirNotis is a smart display that actively scans the air you breathe to check CO2 and CO levels, fine dust, TVOCs (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), and overall humidity. It’s wireless, and can therefore be carried around with you wherever you go – in your workspace, in your car, your kitchen, or even outdoors.

Real-life examples of “how fast carbon dioxide accumulates indoors”.

As smart as the tech around us has gotten, nobody’s really developed a smart air monitor yet. You’ve got thermostats that tell you the air temperature of your house, but it isn’t a detailed air quality breakdown… and a quick online search can give you information about the general air quality of your neighborhood, but it isn’t hyper-localized or in real-time. That’s really where a device like AirNotis shines through. About the same size as an alarm clock or a tiny smart home hub, AirNotis sits on tabletops, windowpanes, shelves, or even on your car dashboard, actively monitoring the air you’re breathing. It even comes with an adorably retro-inspired design, featuring a quirky pixelated typeface and an overall design aesthetic inspired by Braun’s cathode-ray tube televisions.

The AirNotis has all the hallmarks of a great, disruptive product. A winner of the CES Innovation Awards and the iF Design Award this year (and also accelerated by Samsung’s incubator program), AirNotis is compact, portable, intuitive, and incredibly powerful in its capabilities. Most of us are exposed to high CO and CO2 levels and we don’t even know it. This may sound benign, but high CO2 levels are linked to fatigue, lack of concentration, chest pain, headaches, or in severe cases, unconsciousness or death. A room filled with 4 people can push CO2 levels beyond 1500 particles per meter (PPM) in just 10 minutes, which is linked to health issues like headaches and drowsiness. While humans can’t really detect this change, AirNotis can, and it immediately tells you to ventilate the area to bring the CO2 levels back in check.

Carbon Monoxide is arguably more dangerous than CO2, and exposure to it prevents our red blood cells from carrying oxygen efficiently to the heart and other parts of the body. Just the way AirNotis lets you know if CO2 levels spike beyond acceptable limits, it does the same for CO levels, with an alarm that alerts you into action, and advice to help you remedy the air quality. The device also does the same with fine dust particles, volatile organic compounds, and even temperature and humidity levels. Its touchscreen display acts as a dashboard for your air quality data, with useful notifications that tell you to ventilate your space, exit a room, or wear a mask to stay healthy. Moreover, the AirNotis device also connects to your phone, sending data to an app that allows you to view the air quality of all the places you’ve been to, comparing to see the air you’ve breathed through the day.

Prevent drowsy driving.

Sleep better.

Designed to deliver your daily ‘air notice’, this handy gadget has the potential to be the next smart health device for personal and home use. It’s compact and unlike the internet, delivers air quality metrics of the room you are in, in real-time. You could be in your bedroom, an elevator, your car, your kitchen, even in the outdoors, or in a tent. The idea is that just the way humans tend to focus on the food they’re eating and the nutrition they’re putting into their body, it’s time we also put equal importance on the air we breathe because bad air has as much of a negative impact (or even more) than bad food or bad lifestyles. The device runs on a 2000mAh battery that gives you 24 hours of wireless use, or you can keep it plugged in too, using the USB-C port on the back!

Click Here to Buy Now:$125 $250 ($125 off). Hurry, only 199/300 left!