Vertical turntable idealised to present music in a way we wouldn’t think twice before taking home

A turntable skimmed the aesthetics and delivered music with additional gadgetry which perhaps record players did as a cohesive unit. However, the transition is more modern and timelier. Now, to fill some sort of void left out by the fast transition from traditional to modern; Blok is an aesthetic that visions turntable, and the notion of music, in a way you and I wouldn’t think twice before taking home.

Many form factors of turntables have been idealized, in the recent past, but have not really gained traction. If you reflect back, there are only a few idealistic designs that stay put; importantly, these are part of our routine because the ease of use and adaptation of embedded technology has been easier as opposed to the fancier ones that have crossed paths.

Designer: Josh Schwefel

Basing the Blok on the choice of the gen-z; designer Josh Schwefel presents turntable boasting mechanical looks with ultra-precise tolerance. That transpires a device with a simple user interface and a clean silhouette. It is not the usual beefy device; instead, a sleek square form factor with similar buttons and an enriching scroller knob for volume deliver a turntable worth your bedside table.

The difference here is not so much about how it looks, but how it functions! The turntable works as a vertical device with the vinyl record going into the middle like a disk in between the gaping lips of a DVD player. Understandably, the built-in spindle identifies the record and begins to play it. A visually pleasing setup – provided in midnight back, arctic white, and bumblebee yellow – has connectivity ports on the back that do not interfere with the façade and render the device apt for your lifestyle. At this point, I am not sure if the Blok loves your smartphone, but Bluetooth connectivity would certainly allow Blok to fill the void; permitting you and me to toggle the music from the comfort of the couch/bed.