This outdoor tarp fits as many as 6 people and can fold down to the size of a duffle bag

Designed to elevate your outdoor adventures, the rather aptly named Shelter gives you a nice, secure spot to lounge in on your camping and glamping trips. The Shelter fits inside a regular-sized duffle bag but opens up to create a sprawling tarp big enough to comfortably seat 4-6 people WITH furniture, protecting everyone from sun and rain!

The Shelter comes from the minds of the folks at Cinch Outdoors, known for their experience in making unique outdoor tents and camping accessories. While rather simple, it’s designed to be large, effective, easy to set up, and uses only the finest materials and technologies to bring this idea to life. Perfect for friends, families, or even teams on outdoor excursions, the Shelter is large, giving you the feeling of being indoors while outdoors. It cuts the sun during the day, breaks strong gusts on windy evenings, and is designed with water-repellent fabric to keep the rain at bay. Oh, and it even comes with its own repair kit just in case there’s a bit of an oopsie.

Designer: Cinch Outdoors

Click Here to Buy Now: $239 $399 (40% Off) Hurry! Only 5 Days Left!

The Shelter was designed following pretty much the same principles that led to the founding of Cinch Outdoors – camping should be fun, easy & affordable, and not suck away your time, money, and sanity. At just $239 for its early bird version, the Shelter makes for a compelling addition to your outdoor arsenal. When folded down to the size of a duffel, it weighs merely 7 kilograms or 15.4 lbs, but opens up into a sprawling outdoor tarp covering 12.5 feet x 9.3 feet, with a height of 6.5 feet at its highest point.

The shelter’s half-moon entrance gives it almost a cosy man-made cave-like appearance, and allows light and wind to make its way through in just the right amounts. The Shelter uses rugged poly-canvas with a waterproof rating of 3,000 HH (pretty standard for good tents), along with poles made from fiberglass for flexibility, and Grade A steel for durability. Installing the tent is intuitive and gets easier with time, while folding the tent back down  brings it back to its compact size, allowing you to carry it in your hand, or even chuck it in the back of your car.

The Shelter was designed to be the perfect gathering space for the outdoors. Camping trips, glamping trips, beach outings, backyard parties, Sunday afternoon tailgates and so much more – the Shelter is ready to elevate each and every adventure. Starting at $239 for early bird backers (although the MRP is $399), the Shelter begins shipping in January – just before spring when the weather is perfect to venture outdoors!

Click Here to Buy Now: $239 $399 (40% Off) Hurry! Only 5 Days Left!