Pedal-assisted LAMBRO e-bikes are tailored for easy passenger and cargo hauling

The three-wheeled cargo bikes are slowly inching their claws towards interesting variations. This makes complete sense for various applications – be it rural or urban scenarios. Italy-based e-mobility company Repower has got a duo of three-wheeled electric trikes that boast structural integrity as well as functional superiority for real-world usage.

These three-wheeled vehicles designed by industrial design firm Makio Hasuike come in two variants – the open-bed version and a closed one for cargo hauling and passenger commuting respectively. Dubbed the LAMBROGio and the LAMBROGino, these electric trikes are pedal-assisted as well, and have each go their set of merits.

Designer: Repower and Makio Hasuike

The LAMBROGino has more of an e-rikshaw-like design to scout the city for ferrying around passengers on the lookout for an economically and comfy ride to the nearest destination. The LAMBROGio has an enclosed space for safely transporting small-sized cargo without being too much of a burden on the environment. In fact, both these e-vehicles are crafted to be recyclable to produce less e-waste. According to Makio Hasuike, the bodywork is made up of recyclable polyethylene.

Contoured shapes dominate design on these for minimum airflow resistance. The weight has also been trimmed down to the minimum which further helps in economical battery conservation and stretching out the total mileage. The cargo version has a front door that doubles as a shade for the rider. While the passenger version of the electric bike could have benefited from a similar shade for those hot or rainy days, still customization is just that auto shop’s distance away.

The multiple uses of the two come into the picture in the form of a platform for the cargo version to increase the capacity and stability of the load. Place it vertically and it can be used as a vertical clothes hanger. It also gets a front compartment with removable pockets made out of recyclable material. They can be used to store small objects, packages, or documents. On the other hand, the LAMBROgino can also be used with increased load capacity by removing the bench. There are shockproof protectors on the side handrail which is another important feature.