This boomerang-shaped urban mobility vehicle fairs well for rough adventures too

The vehicles we’ll see on the roads in a decade’s time will be radically different from what we have at present. Design language will change a lot, as hinted by the concepts and prototypes put together by big names and budding automotive designers.

The focus definitely will be on personal mobility in the most sustainable manner possible. Compact vehicles that will trade off the greatest of luxuries for a more sensible method of commuting will be the norm. This boomerang-shaped two-seater vehicle with multiple use-case scenarios is different from what we’ve seen so far. Even in the automotive landscape dominated by some really bizarre vehicle concepts.

Designer: Artem Smirnov

Christened PIX-L7, the vehicle should be electric motor powered given we’re talking about a future-forward design. The buggy influence is very much evident here with panning fog lights on the front and guard rails over the course of the top body which speaks about the ability to go off-roading when needed. During the normal course, the EV can be a travel buddy for two or used for short hauls of cargo delivery given the ability to convert into a load carrier. The latter is achieved with the different modules that give the owners freedom to carry a bicycle, sensitive cargo, or simply luggage for the next couple trip to the rockies.

The concept car looks quite tough while retaining a very cheeky element of modern that you’ll appreciate. The dimensions look apt for tight urban spaces and the respectable ride height is reassurance for short out-of-city adventures. The peculiar V-shaped body leaves room for ample cargo in the back when the delivery module is attached. The off-roading avatar of the PIX-L7 is what I’m rooting for here owing to the possibility of taking this ride for an adventure unknown. Just look at that cool shape evoked by the bull bars and the shovel on the front!