A table that works vertically or horizontally is perfect for small spaces

Everyone’s needs change, some more often than others. One day we might need a simple side table, but a laptop desk might be necessary a few weeks later. Considering how needs and situations change so frequently, it doesn’t always pay to keep on buying new things to fill the need. A single piece that can do the work of many is going to be more practical, especially when pressed for space. In some future world, we will probably have furniture that can change forms, functions, and even designs at a moment’s notice. Until then, however, we can always enjoy smart solutions designed to adapt to our context, like a simple yet beautiful table that works whether it’s standing on its legs or on its sides.

Designer: Oguz Ergin

Most of us will probably have at least one table that serves as our workspace, but some might need a side table for smaller objects or other purposes. If you have a spacious house or a sufficiently large room, having both and more is definitely more convenient. When you’re renting a tiny room or trying to economize your space, however, that really isn’t an option.

Verticale is a furniture design concept that tries to fit the bill with as few compromises as possible. In one mode, it is a desk that can stand beside your bed or in the middle of a room, holding a book and a drink on top while nestling magazines inside its open drawer. It’s not tall enough to work on, though, which is where its other “mode” comes in.

If you turn Verticle on its side, it transforms into a makeshift or even permanent laptop table. The side, which is now its top, is long enough to support a large laptop and even a cup of coffee if you so wish to live dangerously. You also don’t lose any storage space because that drawer becomes a magazine rack that can still hold your favorite reading material. Admittedly, it might be a bit uncomfortable working with the other leg on the floor, but it does leave ample room for your legs.

It’s almost amazing how a simple but thoughtful design could change a product’s functions so significantly, all without using fancy gimmicks, mechanical tricks, or unnecessary parts. The Verticale is all wood, made from layers of plywood that are bent and curved to form simple lines. It is intentionally spartan and lightweight so that it would be easy to turn the table on its side or back on its legs.

While you’re unlikely to do that ritual every day, it’s still reassuring to know that you’re getting one for the price of two, so to speak. In theory, Verticale saves you space and money, letting you get the most out of a piece of furniture that takes up room in what could already be a cramped area. Plus, it looks visually interesting, appealing, and even welcoming becomes of its natural tones. It’s a multi-functional product that provides a beautiful accent to your room, which is definitely a win-win situation.