Walden Furniture Series unveils new design classics you can shop for the home

YUUE Design Studio Walden Series

Fixing up a new house or an apartment can be really fun and, at the same time, exhausting. However, it can be a delightful experience if you know exactly what to do and where to buy stuff. Shopping should be a joy and not a chore, but it can only happen if you have already identified your needs and wants and the aesthetics and style that work for you.

Furniture shopping is always a good idea, but one needs to know what to buy so no time is wasted. One’s taste may change depending on needs and location, and even season in life, so it is essential that important factors are considered. Of course, there is the budget you can spend, the space where the pieces will be fixed, the features of the furniture items, durability and comfort, plus the overall look.

Designer: Weng Xinyu (YUUE Design Studio)

Walden Side Table

Walden Furniture Series

The trend for 2022 is curved furniture with soft lines; that is why you will notice that many furniture makers’ designs and items come with curves and soft arcs. The use of simple and natural materials like wood is also more prevalent, especially since there is a global campaign to go sustainable. The YUUE Design Studio team aims to develop affordable alternatives to iconic designs and expensive pieces. With the intention to craft new design classics in the modern age, designer Weng Xinyu decided to utilize solid wood. This is also so the elements can easily adapt to the design requirements and needs of the consumers.

The Walden Series of furniture pieces is a product of the designer’s special journey in life and career. Weng Xinyu is honest enough to say his journey has been lonely, coming with lots of contemplations, gains, and pains, but we can see the beauty that resulted from his different experiences. The new furniture series includes three mainly useful items: a Side Table, a Floor Lamp, and a Lounge Chair.

Walden Side Table Series

The Walden furniture pieces all present modern minimalism and each product shows elegance and simplicity, starting with the side table. The handmade wood table comes with precisely crafted parts offering a mechanical fit. There is a round tabletop that is the same size as the base ring, but the base is slightly thicker for added support and stability. The combination of the two offers visual balance while a wooden stick joins the two sliding parts. Another advantage of this design is that it can be combined with other pieces. Storage is also a plus because it can be slid easily under the bed or a sofa.

YUUE Design Studio Walden Side Table

Walden Lounge Chair Details Concept

The Lounge Chair is yet another 3D puzzle-like furniture piece you can display and use at home. It uses simple materials such as leather sheets and wooden boards, and the flatpack design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. There is some sort of geometry interplay here, as seen in the combination of the lines and curves.

Lounge Chair

YUUE Design Studio Lounge Chair

YUUE Design Studio Lounge Chair

The wooden boards are designed to be inserted into each other while still allowing space to contain a human body. The designer made sure there was a clever distribution of weight and pressure so the boards won’t be stressed. Check out the smoothened edges of the wood that offer comfort, especially on parts touched by the body.

YUUE Design Studio Floor Lamp

Last is the Floor Lamp as another minimalistic item ideal for a minimalist home— coming with a three-dimensional look– combining a surface, line, and a dot. This functional floor lamp features a rotatable lamp holder that is also helped by magnets so you know it is sturdy enough. It can be used as both a reading lamp or an upright as it can illuminate an object or a surrounding. At the base, there are three slots where you can fix the pole when you want to adjust the height.