Tubes Radiatori designer heated towel rails and radiators come in minimalist yet attractive forms

Tubes Radiatori Trame

Not many people realize this, but heat production is an essential category in home and interior design, especially if you live in colder climates. While people in tropical countries spend so much on airconditioning and ensuring their homes are well-ventilated, those that go through winter need proper heating equipment. Fireplaces may be enough in some regions, but in places that need supplemental heating solutions, it may be wise to get a system that can last a long time. And with the skyrocketing prices of fuel that we know will affect basic utilities, homeowners must plan for such heating equipment.

It is not enough that you get and install the first heater or radiator offered to you. If you are someone who cares about style and structure, then you should turn to more reliable companies. We know a few names in this field, like Tubes Radiatori, which is presently at the Salone del Mobile event, showing off the latest in the “heat” production segment.

Designer: Tubes Radiatori

Tubes Radiatori Trame

Tubes Radiatori I Ching

Tubes Radiatori is an Italian manufacturing company famous for home fixtures and designer radiators. It is known for being one of the pioneers in this niche industry that can deliver even to the most demanding customer. The firm is all about excellence, premium design, and avant-garde technology—proving the Italian tradition of excellence and luxury. The Italian shop established by the Crosetta family has also been set to offer innovation and courage in its product lineup. It has always believed in the art of “savoir-faire,” and that is once again shown in the latest products demonstrated at the Salone del Mobile. Two major offerings are presented—the Trame radiator and the I Ching heated towel rail—and both come with very minimalist aesthetics.

Tubes Radiatori I Ching

Tubes Radiatori I Ching

Tubes I Ching

Starting with the Tubes Radiatori I Ching, we are learning there is a real need for heated towel rails. If you haven’t heard of such, you can check out the I Ching and discover if having one in your bathroom is necessary. Of course, other people may not agree, but your towel needs heating because air drying isn’t always possible. This special electric towel warmer can be your trustworthy partner during those cold winter nights. Designed by Elisa Ossino, the Tubes Radiatori I CHING is made of steel and can be available in a horizontal or vertical orientation. The I Ching can be customized according to the personal experience you can imagine and the plan of your home interiors—in different colors and finishes or a series of combinations.

Tubes Radiatori Heated Towel Rail

The Tubes I Ching elements can be installed on the wall with double intention: to serve as a towel warmer and as a decor. Undoubtedly, the designer heated towel rail can catch your attention with its shape and minimalism. You can use one or install a few in multiple compositions, hues, and sizes. Another important selling point of the I Ching system is that you can create graphic compositions on the wall with it. Definitely, the stainless steel heating module is elegant, and on its own, it can embellish the wall of any room or bathroom. It will look good especially in the bathroom or in areas where you need to fold, roll up, or hang the towel. Making this another impressive product is the fact that you can program it with a wireless thermostat and adjust it via touch controls.

Tubes Radiatori Trame

Trame Tubes Sett 16796

The Trame is a designer radiator with a beautiful silhouette–looking like threads from afar despite being made with classic tubular steel. What appears to be a soft installation on the wall is simply the woven pattern effect. Designer Stefano Giovannoni styled the Trame with simplicity in mind, but the overall effect is a stylish fixture one would love to see at home.

Tubes Radiatori offers a complex design and creative manufacturing in the form of the Trame. There is some sort of dynamism when you look at it, but it’s really just a beautifully-designed radiator for the home. It is available in different versions: electric, hydraulic, or mixed–also ready in three variants: Trame 14 (14mm), Trame 20 (20mm) and Trame 28 (28mm). The variants mainly differ in the diameter of the tubular elements, but only the 20mm and 28mm versions can be displayed in vertical or horizontal. Any Trame model will go well with the I Ching towel rail, so you can finally complete that designer bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.

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