Soundbuds earplugs helps you fall asleep peacefully while not falling out of your ears

As someone who lives on my own, I don’t have a lot of problems from external noises that disturb my beauty sleep. But if I stay in a hotel with colleagues for business conferences or go on vacation with friends, it can become a challenge if someone has a snoring or other sleeping issue. Earplugs or ear buds can do the trick but the problem is that they may fall out of your ears in the middle of the night and they can also cause some irritation at times.

Designer: Anestis Pneumaticatos

Soundbuds, a new brand of earplugs claims that it will become your new sleeping buddy. What makes it different from the other traditional earplugs is that the earbuds spread through the ear canal area instead of just being inserted into the ear. With this kind of plug, it will not put pressure on your ears even if you wear it for a long time and even if you move around a lot. It will also prevent irritation and even infection from prolonged use as it uses non-toxic and hypo-allergenic materials.

The Soundbuds are made from soft silicone rubber and will mold into your ears so you will not need to try out some custom solution just to be able to make them fit properly. Each pack has 4 pairs or 8 pieces and there are different colors to choose from yellow, violet, green, and blue. The 27dB earplugs has passive noise isolation so it can dampen the ambient noise background but also lets you hear the critical sounds around you.

Having earplugs like this can help soothe the anxiety that you get when sleeping with all kinds of noises around you, whether it’s the person sleeping in the same room or some construction work outside of your building. Getting it in a colorful and playful package somehow makes it a bit easier as well, especially if it does its job of shutting out all of that noise while still keeping you aware of the important ones that may come up.