MicroMed Portable Medicine Dispenser eliminates the wasteful blister packaging

MicroMed Portable Medicine Dispenser Colors

When you reach a certain age, you will need to take vitamins and medicine to help maintain your good health. Of course, it may be too early because you are still young at heart, but one can never be prepared enough when it comes to fitness.

Someday, your meds will be your best friend. You will want to have a more proper medicine cabinet at home. And if you’re always on the go, you may need a nice medicine dispenser that will make you remember it is time to pop a pill.

Designers: Darius Fernandes, Jamie Saunders, Sebastian Gallimore, and Vincent Lacsamana

MicroMed Medicine Dispenser

MicroMed Pill Dispenser

MicroMed is a concept product design that allows customized doses of medication. It is more of an advanced med dispenser as the doses are based on a user’s characteristics. Data are entered on a companion app to identify and offer the correct dose.

One advantage of the MicroMed is that you won’t need the blister packaging since it is very wasteful. Reduced waste means it is more eco-friendly for a more sustainable future. The MicroMedi also offers a refillable cartridge system, which is an ideal solution, especially for those regularly taking medication.

MicroMed Portable Medicine Dispenser Design

The MicroMed includes a reusable capsule to ensure nothing is thrown away. This way, too, stuff that usually ends up in landfills is lessened. In addition, the medicine dispenser boasts a minimalist aesthetic, so users are not intimidated to use it. Taking meds can already be stressful for some people, but this med container offers an easier and more convenient user experience.

The caps and cartridges are color-coded for easier identification. A user can easily differentiate the medications as needed. You will know if it’s time to refill because of the clear view. The dispenser is small enough for you to put in your bag. It’s perfect for everyday use and traveling because you can just slip it inside your purse or pocket.

MicroMed Portable Medicine Dispenser Illustration

The designers worked on this product design to respond to a recent presentation regarding the blister packaging effects. The team was aiming to help in the elimination of unnecessary packaging. Some blister packs are already recyclable, but total elimination can be more helpful.

MicroMed Portable Medicine Dispenser

There is a new goal to reach a circular economy in the design world. There are many principles to consider, so it’s not exactly easy to do. There are many factors to consider, plus the need to do proper research. The people behind the MicroMed did interviews and research to have an informed design process so we know this product is well-designed, innovative, and intelligent.

MicroMed Portable Medicine Dispenser Details

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