SENZ Umbrella can resist strong winds and keep you dry from the rain

SENZ Umbrella

What makes a design timeless? If a product is still sellable and doesn’t look old even after a decade, you can say the design is classic. Most timeless designs never go out of style, and that is what the SENZ Umbrella is all about.

The first time we saw the Senz was in 2008. Back then, we said it was a unique umbrella because of the design. It is still a unique umbrella that you can appreciate to this day. The aerodynamic shape keeps the rain off your back so you can remain dry even when it is raining hard.

Designers: Philip Hess, Gerwin Hoogendoorn, and Gerard Kool

SENZ Umbrella

The umbrella can still withstand up to 100 km per hour winds. If you live in a country where it always rains, you may want to get this umbrella that is also lightweight yet feels very solid and durable. The grip is firm yet soft and comfortable to hold thanks to the foam rubber.

The Senz Umbrella’s mechanism is reversed as you need to pull down the umbrella to open it. This means the umbrella will also never invert or overturn because the handle is supposed to hold the umbrella more steadfast than usual. The unique shape of the umbrella has a purpose: to keep the rain off the user’s back and prevent strong winds across the surface. The Senz umbrella resists force winds, so you can go on and not worry about walking in the rain.

SENZ Storm Umbrella Demo

The SENZ Umbrella used to be sold for $54, which was steep (still is) for an umbrella but then this one is powerful against the wind. When it first came out, we mentioned the Senz Umbrella was a project by college students. The product design has since been sold off to an umbrella manufacturer, so it’s getting a new chance to infiltrate the market.

SENZ Umbrella Price

The SENZ shape is unique as it can block the wind so it won’t overturn. The design is revolutionary with its short front and long back design. The windproof storm umbrella can give you the confidence to go outdoors in any weather. You can use it when it’s hot and bright outside and benefit from its UV sun protection. Its fabric is quick to dry, so you don’t have to worry about it dripping wet all the time.

SENZ Umbrella Design

SENZ Storm Umbrella Colors

The SENZ Umbrella was designed by three Dutch design students and has already won eight international design awards. Its asymmetrical shape has been patented and can provide a perfect view. This reinvention of the umbrella has passed testing in a wind tunnel and showed that it could resist any wind or storm.

Its points have eye savers to you won’t hurt your eyes or of those around you. The Senz Umbrella is also sustainable as it uses reusable and recycled material, so you know it can last a lifetime. The SENZ Umbrella comes in different sizes and styles: Original Storm Umbrella, Senz Mini, Senz Large, Senz XXL, and Senz Kids.

SENZ Umbrella

SENZ Umbrella

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