This fluid Alpha Romeo supercar is a testament to Italian design prowess

A concept imagined for Alpha Romeo’s future dominated by powerful electric drivetrains, sublime design sense and dominating road presence, that overshadows any other supercar in the vicinity.

Alpha Romeo is a living example of Italian craftsmanship when we talk of sculpting good-looking four-wheelers. The brand is in a league of its own with the flowing aerodynamic form – left, right and center. For more than a century now, the Italian automotive giant has been thrilling motorheads – creating an unperturbed legacy. Right from the Alfa Romeo 8C series of the early 1930s and the 1750 GT sold through 1977, to the hot Alpha Romeo 33 Stardale, the 8C Competizione that debuted in 2007 or the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio unveiled in 2015.

Designer: Klaus Dahlenkamp

The design language of Alpha Romeo cars is very different from other automotive hotshots around the globe. They lay much emphasis on trending styling, road feedback, and also make use of the latest technology to cocoon the riders in utmost luxury and cozy comfort. Most of all, the brand is propelled forward by the emotion of love as we already saw with the Alfa Romeo GTS concept. Designer Klaus Dahlenkamp wants to better the design with his interpretation of an Alpha Romeo supercar that’s a damsel eager to flaunt its good looks.

The concept has a peculiar resemblance to the Audi Skysphere and the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR. That sharp flowing rear end, long side profile, and futuristic wheels – all coincide with the design cues of the two flamboyant concepts, automotive pundits have highly praised lately. The exhaust on Klaus’ concept design is almost like a pointed “V” – so edgy it could cut a paper in half, literally. The front section has a dominating presence, while the super flowy middle section is highlighted by the all-glass top that’s an extension of the windshield to the rear minus any pillars.  This Alpha Romeo concept gives off the vibe of a unibody creation from the front to the rear end. To add to the flowing design, the electric supercar is all shining in the panoramic glass and metallic finish.

The designer interprets his Alpha Romeo concept in all black or vibrant red skin – that’s been so familiar with the brand’s core DNA all these years. Would we want to see this manifest into reality? The obvious answer is, Yes!