Adorable tiny keycap terrariums add a touch of greenery to your keyboard!

Add a bit of ‘Magical’ to your Mechanical keyboard with Dwarf Factory’s beautiful terrarium keycaps. These resin-cast caps come with adorably tiny plants and succulents suspended within them, bringing a little square of floral dreaminess to your otherwise structured keyboard layout.

Each terrarium keycap is handcrafted by artisans down to the very last detail, including even small rocks and soil. With different flora to choose from, the keycaps come with a tiny basket with succulents, cacti, flowers, and ferns of different kinds. Obviously, these ridiculously tiny (and cute) greens aren’t real, but they’re modeled with stunning detail, and when preserved in resin, add a wonderful pop of life to your mechanical keyboard.

Designer: Dwarf Factory

The keycaps come in two shapes – the rounded DOM profile, and the SA R1 (pictured here). Available in multiple styles, they work with all Cherry MX switches (or similar clones). Owing to the fact that they’re individually and meticulously handmade, each keycap costs $44, but then again, you’re paying for the artistry. Pop them into your keyboard and they become almost like a doorway to another world, right on your laptop. You could capitalize on that metaphor by using the terrarium keycap on the ‘escape’ key, as shown below!