Is your drinking water safe for consumption? This tiny device can tell you in just 2 seconds.

We often take the quality of the water we drink for granted. Food is often tested for hygiene and safety, but that level of scrutiny doesn’t extend to water. With water, whether it’s a glass filled at home from the tap, or from a dispenser at work, or even if it’s handed to you at a restaurant, we usually take for granted that it’s clean if it looks, smells, and tastes okay. If only purity worked that way, right?!

The Lishtot TestDrop Pro performs a simple test to check if your ‘clear’ water is, in fact, safe for drinking. You see, water emits its own local electromagnetic field, which the TestDrop Pro analyzes. Using this electromagnetic reading, the TestDrop Pro can tell if your water is safe to drink or not because pure water emits a marginally different reading from water with lead or chlorine in it, or water with E. coli, pesticides, and as many as 20 other contaminants. The TestDrop Pro can be held near water and doesn’t even need to be inserted into the water to complete its test. It checks the water’s electromagnetic reading, and in just 2 seconds, emits either a red or green light to let you know whether your water is unsafe or safe for consumption.

Designer: Lishtot

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A winner of TIME Magazine’s “Genius Company” distinction, Lishtot gives you the ability to repeatedly test all kinds of water no matter where you go. The tiny device, which is perfectly sized to fit around your keychain, comes with three simple buttons that let you analyze tap water, bottled water, and naturally occurring water (while they’re all safe for consumption, they have a few key differences in their composition). The TestDrop Pro even pairs with an app that gives you more information about the water you’re drinking. While the TestDrop Pro itself can only provide a green or red light, effectively boiling down to a yes or no decision, the app tells you more about what’s wrong with your water, providing actionable information that lets you make a better decision.

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