Portable spirometer lets you track lung activity + strength, for people recovering from breathing issues

Designed to help measure lung activity and strength while on the go, the Airpen is a small handheld pocketable spirometer that tracks how hard you can inhale/exhale. Working pretty much the way a breathalyzer does, the Airpen uses a small module with a fan inside it, which rotates when you breathe in or out. The device calculates the fan’s RPM to basically gauge how strong your lungs are. Working alongside a smartphone app that collects and creates a dashboard of your lung activity data, the Airpen hopes to help rehabilitate people with reduced lung function.

It’s a successor to the Incentive Spirometer, a relatively large device that’s used to help rehabilitate lungs after illness or surgery, keeping them flexible and free of fluid. The Airpen simply condenses it into a small device that can fit into your pocket, effectively allowing people to perform lung activity tests wherever they may be.

The Airpen is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2021.

Designers: Mitul Lad, Pietro Russomanno & Stefania Pizzichi.