Peloton, meet Pottery Barn. This seemingly normal mid-century cabinet conceals your exercise bike inside.

“The cabinet that burns carbs.”

The ‘boîtier for bike’ is an unusually functional bit of furniture. The internet is filled with gimmicky cabinets that transform into beds, sofas, or dining tables, but they aren’t quite as impressive as this little number right here. The boîtier for bike, as its name would suggest, is a cabinet or housing (or boîtier in French) that actually comes with a dedicated space for your stationary exercise bike. Aside from having a chest of drawers that let you store your belongings, the boîtier for bike actually is meant to conceal a mini-gym within it. A pull-out drawer on the side reveals an exercise bike on the inside, allowing you to get some cardio right in the comfort of your home… when you’re done, the bike slides back into its boîtier, looking like an unsuspecting mid-century cabinet that your guests will probably think you picked up from Pottery Barn.

Designer: boîtier

Click Here to Buy Now: $1450 $1599 ($150 off). Hurry, for a limited time only!

Hand-crafted furniture made for riding and hiding your stationary bike.

Made from beautiful Cherry hardwood, veneered wood, and antique brass.

Now, the boîtier for bike doesn’t, actually come with its own stationary bike, but rather, is designed to be compatible with your existing stationary bike. Designed to fit Pelotons as well as bikes from other brands (there’s a list on their website), the boîtier comes with a load-bearing slide-out drawer made from steel that actually lets you mount the bike on it. The drawer’s built to withstand up to 180 kilograms, so you can actually work out right on the boîtier, and slide the bike in once you’re done. It’s weirdly convenient, and your guests won’t even know that you’ve got a makeshift gym in your living room.

Compatible with Peloton and other popular stationary bikes.

Stable, durable – custom-built, steel-enforced drawer made from industrial components.

Each boîtier is crafted from cherry hardwood and finished off with a veneer and brass furnishings. The overall cabinet measures 60″ in width, although you’ll need to place your boîtier in a relatively open space to provide a clearing for the open-out drawer (which brings its overall width to 116″). The drawer stands at 72″ in height, and comes with a nifty slim shelf on top to store other items too. Moreover, the bike chamber of the boîtier is also accessible via 2 front doors and has ample space to store your other gym equipment like your yoga mat, shoes, weights, skipping rope, etc. As a clever bit of customization, you can even choose whether you want the slide-out steel drawer on the left or the right side of your boîtier, to account for your living space and furniture placement.

Shelving for books, plants, speakers, etc. to match your living space.

Available for an early-bird price of $1450, the boîtier is available to a limited set of people within the USA. The price includes shipping and installation, and the boîtier itself comes with a 3-year warranty. Oh, and if you’re still wondering, it’s pronounced bwa-tje.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1450 $1599 ($150 off). Hurry, for a limited time only!