This Apple-inspired speakers features a parabolic design for a fun yet powerful gadget!

Deskpod is a speakers concept, created using Apple’s design language, that features bold colors and technical outfittings.

Apple’s design language has always been a source of inspiration for young designers. From new chargers to Airpod accessories, the innovation of new Apple-inspired concepts coming from young designers cannot be understated. Sasha Waxman, industrial designer, and robotics engineer designed a speakers concept using Apple’s design language called Deskpod to go along with the new 24-inch iMac.

Deskpod was born out of a one-hour study of Apple design language, taking to the iconic brand’s most modern designs to create a sleek, yet bold speakers concept. The new iMac from Apple maintains the classic aluminum look that has graced the surfaces of most Apple Macbooks and iMacs for years. It’s the accessories from Apple that are typically the standout pieces, bringing out deep forest greens and royal blues to accentuate the fresh look of a bare aluminum Macbook surface. Waxman’s Deskpod takes that one step further and wraps the rich scarlet red speaker with a gold band that functions as the device’s cradle and stand.


Stretching the speaker’s fabric around its curved frame, Waxman warped the fabric into a parabolic shape to maximize audio output. The unique design would pair nicely with most Apple products and bring a bold pop of color to every home office. Speaking on the design, Waxman describes, “The bold colors and simple geometry make the speakers pop off the background. The simplicity and high contrast of the speakers make them a bold addition to any space.”

Designer: Sasha Waxman