Meet the VR Cap, a gadget that can bring about a radical evolution to the wearable tech world!

The VR Cap fixes one nagging problem with VR headsets today – the head-mount. The solution is so ingenious, it makes you wonder ‘why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?!’

While most VR gear comes with a single strap that goes around the side of your head (or a T-shaped strap that also sits on top), they’re almost always fiddly, uncomfortable, and feel like they’re going to fall off. The VR Cap improves upon that detail by turning the headset into a golf cap-style piece of gear that physically wraps around your head as a cap would.

The level of detail and immersive experience a VR-enabled design brings to the table is unprecedented. Can you imagine, actually being a part of the sci-fi world we admire from afar? Which begs the question, why is VR-enabled content not yet mainstream or popular with the general public. I think a huge part of the problem falls with the excessive nature of the wearable required to immerse yourself in VR. Most designs till now focus on a headgear that covers your eyes, giving you the look of a very googly-eyed creature.

VR Cap solves this by merging the glasses with an existing and comfortable piece of clothing – the humble cap! “VR Cap is the world’s first head-mounted display (HMD) to join a crisp VR display with a detachable, woven head covering”, Compal Electronics mentions. Woven from stretchable fabric, one size fits most heads in comfort, and customizations can be made to accommodate users like ponytails without developing new injection molds.

The detachable fabric cap is machine-washable too, resolving the problem we often face (especially in the COVID-era) with being uncomfortable in the level of sanitization for shared gadgets. The fabric of the cap also unleashes the possibility of a ton of customization, taking this a step closer to mass acceptance.

Designer: Compal Electronics