Razer’s patently absurd “finger gloves” let you play mobile games without getting sweaty thumbs

I’m convinced that Razer’s product development team spends most of their time planning out elaborate practical jokes that they possibly then turn into real products that their fan base will unquestioningly buy for a laugh. The company’s known to release great gaming gear but also some questionably weird products, like a “gaming toaster” and even this sustainable reusable straw that comes with its own compact carrying case. Their most recent launch? A pair of finger gloves that ‘absorb sweat’ and prevent friction burn while mobile gaming.

Dubbed the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve, this set of two finger-gloves (one for each thumb) comes made from a blend of 60% Nylon, 35% Silver Fiber (to make it touch-sensitive), and 5% Spandex. With a universally fitting design (thanks to the stretching Spandex woven in), the finger sleeves come in a single size, and sport Razer’s branding and logo on it. They’re designed to be comfortable and breathable while providing high capacitive sensitivity for quick touch-responsiveness while gaming. Additionally, they’re non-slip too, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally pressing the wrong button while gaming. Each pair of finger-sleeves cost $9.99, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Designer: Razer