This drill bit-inspired pen might easily be the most fascinating piece of stationery I’ve seen this year

A cross between a brush, a pen, and a quill, the DRILLOG is stationery at its absolute finest. Designed and made in Japan, the dip-pen features a drill-inspired nib that catches ink in its different hollow grooves when you dip it in ink, and the ink gradually travels down to the tip by virtue of gravity, giving you a new, elevated writing experience that doesn’t just translate to great penmanship on paper, it’s also a sheer pleasure to look at as the ink gathers in the nib’s finely machined spiral grooves, and travels down as you write.

Designers: Shion & Haft Design

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I like to think of the DRILLOG as a rather steampunk approach to stationery – in that it combines old styles with new technologies, resulting in a fusion of past and future. The DRILLOG dip-pen shifts the idea of an internal refill to the outside, using multiple channels in its metal nib to hold ‘rivers’ of ink that travel to the pen’s metal tip.

The uniquely engineered nib has both vertical as well as spiral grooves for maximum ink retention, allowing you to write a significant number strokes before needing to dip your pen back in ink again. The DRILLOG works with practically any kind of ink or pigment (you could use it with runny paints too), giving you the ability and freedom to work with different inks and colors.

The DRILLOG pen comes made entirely from metal and features an acid-resistant stainless steel nib that screws into the front of the pen’s body. The durable metal used in the nib allows you to use slightly acidic or even alkaline inks, without worrying about your writing instrument getting damaged, while a special plasma treatment makes the nib hydrophilic, allowing it to hold onto the ink when you’re dipping the nib in the inkpot.

The nibs come in two variants, with a slimmer 0.5mm tip, or a slightly thicker 0.8mm tip (similar to the standards found on dot pens or mechanical pencils), and are sold separately along with the pen’s body/barrel.

0.5mm character width (equals to Extra Fine fountain pen tip size)

0.8mm character width equals to Medium fountain pen tip size.

Classical Spiral

Classical Mirage

As far as the barrels or the actual bodies of the pen go, DRILLOG offers a variety to choose from, including plain cylindrical aluminum barrels in a variety of anodized colors, or even textured bodies including spiral and square-wave designs in either aluminum or stainless steel. For artists or calligraphers, DRILLOG even offers dual-sided barrels that can fit nibs on either end, allowing you to work with different tip-widths, or even different colors as you write/sketch/draw.

Once you’re done, the tips can easily be rinsed under running water, or in a water-based ultrasonic cleaner (if you’ve got one honestly). The DRILLOG dip-pen makes a perfect gift for designers, calligraphers, artists, and stationery enthusiasts of all kinds.

Horizontal Pen-stand

Color Puddle

It comes with its own set of accessories too, including a horizontal pen-stand and an all-metal color puddle/palette, and DRILLOG’s manufacturer Shion says they’re working on even more accessories/attachments down the road.

Click Here to Buy now: $189 $275 (30% off).