Mint-infused clothing could help you stay cool even on the hottest of days

I think we’re beyond the point of debate when it comes to climate change. Whether you believe the earth is warming or not, summers are just unbearably hot, and that’s something I think we can collectively agree on. After all, even climate-change deniers feel the heat, right? Well, whether the climate is changing or not, fashion certainly is. Companies are focusing their efforts on developing sustainable and breathable fabrics, and heck, Sony even designed a portable AC that you can wear on the back of your neck to cool you down. Designer Alexandre Cailleaux believes it doesn’t have to be this complicated, though.

Designer: Alexandre Cailleaux

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Having devised a way to infuse peppermint into fabrics, Alexandre’s company A.Brolly’s unveiled Mintie, a pair of yoga pants for women that rely on peppermint’s cooling/soothing qualities to keep you feeling cool and breezy. Just as how eating a mint makes your mouth feel cool, the peppermint-infused fabric keeps your body cool as you perspire. The patented fabric’s called FrostTech, and it uses food-grade Xylitol to keep you up to 7°C (or 12.6°F) cooler than a regular fabric would. Mintie’s fabric even goes so far as to block UV, protecting you against skin damage.

Along with keeping you cool, the high-waisted yoga pants also help shape and tone your body during workout (or through the day, if wearing yoga pants outdoors is your jam). The fabric is breathable, has a 4-way stretch because of Spandex, and helps shape/sculpt your body by flattening the abs, lifting your rear, and slimming your legs.

Oh, and aside from the fact that the pants literally cool you down, here’s yet another impressive feature… the Mintie pants come with pockets too! They’re made from the same Spandex-based material, which means your pants can store everything from cards, to keys, to even your smartphone. You don’t need to worry about small, practically non-existent pockets anymore!

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $93 (58% off). Hurry, only 78/100 left!