Meet the Cryptomotors Habitat-on-wheels – a luxury recreational explorer concept designed for alien planets

Designed as an entry for a competition organized by Cryptomotors, the luxury sci-fi vehicle is basically what you get when you design an RV for another planet. The proportions of the vehicle may confuse you, but it’s actually a rather massive automobile with wheels that are easily 7-feet in diameter. The purpose of the vehicle was to serve as a purpose-driven luxury habitat on wheels. Spacious enough to host 2 people, it’s almost like a living space and laboratory on wheels… with a design that oozes futurism.

The Cryptomotors sci-fi vehicle (let’s just call it an extraterrestrial RV) comes with a chariot-like design, sporting a split wheel-base on the front. Its cockpit is reminiscent of the geodesic habitats often seen in sci-fi movies, large enough to fit two astronauts in and have them comfortably standing while they analyze soil samples or just go about their day (I just realized I really don’t know what astronauts do on foreign planets beyond exploration and science-stuff). The wheels are extremely interesting too – apart from being much larger than you’d expect, they’re made from a chainlink-mesh that NASA calls the ‘Spring Tire‘.

Designer: Facundo Castellano