This wood and solid brass ruler elevates stationery to a higher, more functional standard

Are you even a true designer if you don’t have a latent addiction to great stationery? If you don’t have 20 mechanical pencils that you bought ‘because you liked them’, and a Moleskine notebook you’ve never touched ‘because it looks too pretty’? If you identify as someone with those problems, look away, or rather don’t… because the Novus ruler is going to be your next favorite stationery item. Designed as a fine measuring and line-drawing instrument, the Novus ruler is a marriage between a brass ruler and a wooden handle, crafted to perfection in England. Made for precise measurements, a tactile grip, and minimal warping and parallax error, the Novus ruler is like the Mont Blanc of rulers (or scales, whichever word you prefer).

The Novus ruler is a product that prioritizes perfection and harmony over all else. It comes with a brass scale featuring a trapezoid cross-section, and a smaller, inverted trapezium wooden handle for grip. Sure, you’d wonder what makes the Novus ruler better than traditional rulers apart from its craftsmanship-appeal. Well, you see, the trapezium-shape of the brass ruler allows it to have much more tapered edges than a sheet-metal, plastic, or wooden scale. The Novus ruler exploits that, with an edge that’s as thin as 0.5mm, so your measurements practically touch the paper for better accuracy. The trapezium-shape even enhances readability, putting the numerics at an exact 28.8° angle that’s easier for you to see, and eliminates the warping that often happens when you apply pressure on regular flat metal rulers.

The handle on the Novus ruler gives it a perfect ergonomic grip, allowing you to hold onto and quickly re-position the stationery instrument without fumbling around and perhaps smudging and ruining your work in the process (like you would with any regular ruler). Made from wood, it feels comfortable to the touch, and sits in a machined channel within the brass ruler. This configuration give you the option of interchanging handles easily, depending on your mood or perhaps even project on hand. The Novus boasts of an absolutely classic old-world charm… and it isn’t surprising that it was designed by a bespoke tailor who often worked with finely crafted instruments himself. With the Novus, you can customize your ruler’s length and width while ordering it, and you can even choose the scale/units of measurement you want engraved into the metal ruler. To cap things off, Novus offers a choice between 4 types of wood for the ruler handle, from lighter Oak and Mahogany to darker Walnut and Ebonized Oak. If you can’t get over Novus ruler’s beauty, functionality, and its old-world charm, head on down to order one for yourself!

Designer: Emmanuel Osei of Mundus TNA

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Novus – The Ruler Reimagined

The Novus’s strikingly elegant design is not only beautiful with visual and tactile harmony, the warmth and intricate grain of the wood perfectly paired with the structural integrity and glow of brass but also a functional improvement, in terms of weight, pressure distribution and accuracy.

You can customize features like width, length, handles and the markings (or scale) on both sides of the rule to perfectly match the way you like to work. Individually crafted to fit seamlessly into your design process and inspire you to produce your very best.

The Difference

The Novus ruler trapezium angular design allows the edge to be graduated to 0.5mm, half the thickness of a standard flat ruler, providing better accuracy. Your marking instrument would be closer to the straight edge without the rulers own edge getting in the way or having to twist your wrist to re-angle. The edges are also slightly rounded at a subtle radius.

At exactly 28.8°, the sides have maximum visibility from all overhead angles, as well as having the handle provide protection from damage.

The Novus ruler’s unique design channels direction force/pressure down into the spine and redistributes it evenly back out along the base, coupled with a healthy weight, this ensures a stable and reliable straight edge all the time.

Sometimes a hassle lifting flat rulers. The Novus ruler incorporates a beautiful wooden handle ergonomically designed for easy grip and a unique accent, making no two pieces the same.

Wooden rulers bow over time no longer providing a straight edge. The Novus ruler has a solid brass base that is designed at a thickness to last many lifetimes.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249