This 3-in-1 kitchen stove for millennials brings charcoal cooking to the living room!

To get over the monotony of indoor cooking we resort to outdoor cooking in the backyard or patio for a refreshing change. That, however, is not an everyday affair – and eventually, it is about going back to the same routine of preparing meals in the kitchen. Even more so for millennials who have to cook food for their family alone in the kitchen. Now, that can get utterly boring when done over and over again for days, weeks, or months at end. So how can one break the monotony, while still being practical in adapting the positives of outdoor cooking, and bringing it right to your living room?

Stoke cooking appliance designed by DongJae Koo with able help from JaYoung Koo, SeongGu, and JaeSoen Lee is for such individuals who want to elevate their cooking experience beyond normal. It makes even more sense in the current scenario where most of us are stuck at homes for the major part of the day. The appliance elevates from the usual dial stove cooking method, as it uses the charcoal modules for controlling the amount of heat that is transferred to the electron conduction plate. There are three sections on the Stoke – one an upper grill, a middle section for steaming, and the lower section that has the charcoal burning area.

Using a poker to mix the charcoal, one can alter the temperature by moving the charcoal modules to the right (to raise the temperature) or moving them to the left for lowering down the temperature. The idea here is to enjoy the cooking experience while you have a relaxing conversation with the family. The other satisfying bit is the whole idea of seeing the food cooked right in your living room. After all cooking and eating should be an experience everyone enjoys and participates in (especially cooking).

Designer: DongJae Koo