This floating yacht-inspired resort is the future of luxurious architecture and getaways!

I often find myself scrolling through the internet looking for plausible vacation destinations I can fly off to once this pandemic comes to an end. Though physically I am sitting in my home, mentally I am halfway across the world, lounging on a beach resort in the Caribbeans! I love this newfound pastime of mine, it fills up any free time I may have throughout the day, and oh how wonderfully it fills it up! During one of my getaway hunts, I came across Miroslav Naskov’s ‘Yacht Hub’, though this exquisite resort is still a concept at the moment, I couldn’t help but go completely gaga over it!

Naskov intends for Yacht Hub to be a hospitality resort, floating on an artificially planted forest canal! Tucked amongst lush greenery, and casually placed upon a serene waterbody, the resort is inspired by the form of a Yacht! Aerial images of the structure display how similar it is to a yacht – from its sleek curves to the white sheen of its body. The resort will feature a yacht station, wherein the yachts that take you to the resort can dock. Though the main area of the resort, where the guests will stay, is placed upon the banks of the waterbody, the guests can walk and stroll around on the floating platforms. It’s as close to the water you can get, without actually dipping into it. The vast variety of plants and greenery add on to the tranquil and peaceful environment of the resort.

Naskov’s Yacht Hub is the ultimate getaway from this modern and hectic world! The waterbody and the surrounding forest area will be artificially created, which will in turn build a completely private space for the resort. Far away from the outside world, this sleek and futuristic resort is a luxurious haven, and I would love to see it become a reality someday!

Designer: Miroslav Naskov of Mind Design